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Some questions from my O/Ls friends.

Posted by M. Mustafa Ahmedzai on 1:38 PM
Below are some questions, plz read them carefully and choose the best answer. You may choose a single choice or two, as many as you wish but be honest with your answers. Give your answers by clicking the comments link and write your answers in this format,

Suppose for Q3. if you chose "None" to be the suitable answer then write as follows,

6. None

The Questions posed below are solely intended to entertain you. Please forgive me if this annoyed you in some manner.

Q1. Who proved to be the most loyal and the sweatest friend amongst these choices?

1. Maryam
2. Hiba Syed
3. Sadaf Masood
4. Hiba Shakeel
5. Amna
6. Sarosh
7. Maria Ahmed

Q2. Who proved to be the trustworthy and ever-caring friend amongst these choices?

1. Abbas
2. Uzair Ahmed
3. Mohsin Mirza
4. Me! [ Mustafa ]
5. Babar [ Michael ]
6. Shaheer
7. Ali Sukait
8. Waqas

Q3. Who proved to be the disappointing charachter ever? Option 6 was added to remove doubts.

1. Shaheer
2. Hiba Syed
3. Babar Khalid
4. Hiba Shakeel
5. Abdul Razzaq

6. Mustafa < ! >
7. None

Q4. Who was your favourite and some-what ideal teacher at TEC?

1. Sir Aziz [ Everything is something and something is nothing!!!!!!! ]
2. Sir Aijaz [ Oye Punjabi Film dey Hero....Theri behan dii..... ]
3. Sir Brendon [ Excuse me! ]
4. Sir Farooq [ Arz kya!...The Great Poet..Our Islamiat Teacher ]

Q5. Whom will you rank first in Gossips and and and.....?

1. Miss Ateeqa
2. Miss Nusreen
3. Miss Rana
4. Miss Fatimah
5. None

Q6. Who was the Larakuu and Jangjuu amongst girls?

1. Amna Shah [ Remember mohsin's and the Prescott Book ]
2. Sarosh
3. Sadaf Masood [ Her Fight with Mona and Teena ]
4. Hiba Syed
5. Michael!

Q7. Whom will you torture the most and how, if you get a chance to do so?

1. Abdul Razzaq
2. Babar Khalid
3. Mohsin Mirza
4. Shaheer
5. Hiba Syed
6. Mustafa [ :( ]
7. Sir Ahsan
8. Ali Sukait

Q8. Whom will you vote to be the Leading Hero of the near Future?

1. Abbas
2. Babar
3. Abdul Razzaq
4. Shaheer
5. Mohsin
6. Me! :0
7. Ali Sukait
8. None

Q9. Which title remained the most renowned till today?

1. Monkey [ Shaheer ]
2. Michael [ Babar ]
3. Punjabi Film De Hero [ Abbas ]
4. Thail Wala [ Mustafa ]
5. Choozi [ Uzair ]
6. VKP [ Waqas...plz don't ask me for the full form of VKP ]

Q10. Who must reach Mental Hospital First? On utmost demand of Maria and Sadaf I am forced to add my name to this list too.....

1. Babar
2. Mohsin
3. Abbas
4. Shaheer
5. Abdul Razzaq
6. Waqas
7. Sadaf
8. Hiba Syed
9. Mustafa [ :( ]

Thank you for your Patience.

Mustafa Ahmedzai.

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Sadaf said...

Salaam guys...
Musi..i so badly feel like killlin u, this was hard....and friends...forgive me okey?
Q1 4.Hiba Shakeel(i simply luv her)
Q2 5.Babar (shut up im honest!)
Q3 6.None
Q4 3.Sir Brendon (koi shak?)
Q5 1 and 2..its a tie! they both did a great job in making our life and purpose at TEC more confusing
Q6 i dnt even fit in this question! how cud u say my name!!! oh well, its hard so i'll just go with my name...far out!
Q7 6.You!! For makin the worst questions, apart frm tat, u r the sweetest person i knw, so jao..maaf kiya!
Q8 6. You again, but in a good way atleast!
Q9 1.Chaanga Mangaa right?
Q10 now where is ur name in this?umm..ok..ill take mohsin's name only because i dint take his name through whole thing...lolz

Take care buddy!!!!!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 17, 2008 at 9:02 AM said...

haha Sudu I knew That everyone would search for my name in question Q10 so I omitted it....:)

Maria Ahmed said...

Assalam-o-Alaikum every1

Q1:hmmm...difficult question...all
r sweet & had made my time in
TEC really memorable so a lot
of names shud b there
Hiba shakeel;Sadaf;Hiba syed
Q2:the option (none) shud also b
here..hehehe..well i think U &
Q4:Sir Brendon ofcourse...
Q5:Miss Atiqa....
Q6:Amna(ofcourse no one can forget
mohsin n prescott buk)
Sadaf(nyone remember sadaf's
fight wid the two girls?
...mona n teena...sorry even
i dnt remember their names)
sorry sadaf...hehehhehe
Q7:U...4 asking such an stupid
Q8:U again..but now 4 creating
such a nice site to stay in
touch wid old frnds
Q9:cant say nything abt this ques
Q10:may i add another choice???
9:Mustafa....u know that wud b
the right answer..well to b
honest .. i think ALL OF US...

shaheer said...

hay musi dada..
to nay kia ker dala... mara ga to, pita ga to....ho ho ho, he he he!!! yani k kamal hogia... ab yo may kisi k baray may kutch b keh sakta hon....
bhai ab to wo phadday hongay jo pehlay kab nai hoay hangayyy...
ab to maria b khul k bolay gi...

Q1(loayl).. i think we all remain loyal 2 each oder dats y v took r time out to meet!!

Q2(caring)$ musi...this site is the perfect example

Q3(dissapointin)1 shaheer... bc u put my name first

Q4)(fvr teach)2 sir aijaz.. qk ek banda jisay kutch nai atay hoay b hamay parhaia or khud say parhnay per majbore ker dia..

Q5 if i answer than i would becime the part of the list!!! so sorry no comments

Q6(laraka fighter plane girl was sadaaaf (number 3)!!! kia phadda kerti thi!!! uf ALLah bachai!!!

Q7 (torture worth)7 ahson and abbas

Q8 (hero) Bhai may apni film(life) ka hero hon or hamesha rahonga!!! simple 4 number

Q9 (title)3 abbas bhai... his red shirt on g2g is the biggest proof

Q10 (mental hospitality) Sab sath jaingay>>> infact it could be our next meeting point!!!! kia khial hay logo...
tata, by by, chow or hamara to Allah hi Hafiz

Sadaf said...

Mr.Shaheer!!!!!!! I was never larakaa or watsoever like tat! Mustafa to pitay ga hi saath saath main ab aap bhi mairi hitlist main shaamil ho gaye hain!
Be Careful!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 19, 2008 at 4:03 AM said...

hahaha.. Sudu Look I was right, your words testify how laraku your are....Good Answer Shaheer.

shaheer said...

yar sady g!!! rehem karey hum per!!!or kitna maring app!!!wasay hi apnay deedar k lya tarpa tarpa k mar rahi hain!!!! chalen achi bat hay hamay marnay k lye he ap deedar to karadengi!!!!

musi paji to bata baqi log kahan hai!!! un say bolo bgherti na dikhain or fatafat join kerain,,,, taka world war 3 jaldi ho sakay!!! Skrimishes to start ho hi chuki hain or sadaf jald hi hamay marnay k mission pay anay wali hay!!!!!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 19, 2008 at 11:59 AM said...

Don't worry Shaheer others will join soon.
You know these guys are always late on work...
By the way World War 111 is a good word to use.....hehe

Mohsin Mirza said...

Ladies and gentleman please welcome Mohsin Mirza.

Well paji perhaps this is da 1st time im writing 2 u and 2 ma
pappu classmates. At 1st A.Salam 2 alll of u out there... hi 2 Sr Brendon.MRS Fatima n 2 all those respectable figures who enlightened da love 4 books n learing in ma Heart.........

N Yes cuming back ma cooochy cooochy classsmates,,,,,, Yes ofcouse m misssing u alll here at States ........ Yes da weather here is quite gud... Well, California is known world wide 4 its scenic beauty n pleasant weather..... da hostel here at University of California, Los Angeles is v.gud n didnt impose unnecessary restrictions........
Shocked ahannn :-o :-o :-o :-o
Karachi University mein perhny ki owqat hai nahi and talkng abt Los Angeles...
basss bohat tammeeeez ki baatein hooo gayein ....
now lets back 2 Questions....

Ohh Yeah
answering Q.1 is a hard nut 2 crack .... :-]
Well m confused B/w AMNA and MONA
u ppl better kno how closed both f them were 2 me........hahahahaha comedy again ahaaan ...
Hummmnnn .. taking this Q. on serious note .. I must say none amongst them had been loyal 2 me not even Hiba Syd{like she is wid me since grade 4} as far as Sweetneess is concerned Marium is da sweetest of alll...... wht so ever wid Hiba Syd she has her own class {3rd class hahahaahah} neva mind Hiba u beta kno me rite..?? ... u rockss ...

ohh da easiest one...
everyone is ma best buddy... Abbas, Uzair, Paji n I all 4 of us tries our level best 2 make each others evening more pleasant n meaningful... whereas ma Paji{Mustafa} has a superlative degreee in being trudtworthy 2 me especiallly ... {FICTIONAL}{theek hai na paji yehi kaha tha na tum ny….}

well hard 2 answer bt 2 b true at times most of us had disappointed 2 every individual under certain Scenes.... so I better go 4 NONE...

Entire world knows ma ATTACHMENT with SR AIJAZ... thiz man rockss .... 2 me he was nt jus a teacher bt great mentor 2......MY HATS OFFF 4 HIM ALWAYS....
SR Brendon comes next ... Truly... a person whose nature, gestures n qualities were mind-blowing 2 me....... like 2 young n 2 responsible .....
kia ikhlaq hai PAPPPPU ...

NO one dare 2 snatch da {GOSSIPS} seat of TEC 4m MRS ATIQA......

well temme 1 thing who is MOHISN by da way,n wht happnd b/w AMNA n HIM ... sounds FISHYYY ahaaan ...
well i still remember da fight v all njoyd in class occurd b/w SADAF N MONA ..... SADAF was a warrior tht day .... SADAF u seemed 2 become WRESTLER tht day......
BY u r PHATTUUU…… hahahaha

hahahaha I wud probably let SR AHSON live amongst PURE PATHANS 4 ATLEAST a MONTH... then he might learn tht he is a MAN...
then 2 ma PAJI,,,, its beta nt 2 disclose it here tht how .... paji u kno naaa ... i wont let u do tht 4 three dayzzzz....{P}:->

NONE.... ATLEAST not PAJI .... one of da most sentimental persn i ve eva met... leading HERO SHAKAL DEKHI hai apni ... how dare u put ur name in dis category........

OBVIOUSLY YAAR .... MA MONKEY rocks...... infact TEC monkey rocks...... SHAHEER darling mind karooo plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz... hahahaha

ALL of us..... especially me....



well paji truly u ve done a gr8 job .... n proved tht u want alll f us to stay in kontakt wid each other .... in every possible scene.....

IT was really nice meeting u alll like this....
dont let Sr Brendon c ma msg i kno its fulll f ERRORRRRRRRRRRs....


plz do rememba me in ur YAADEIN, BAATEIN and DUAAIN...



pakistan zindabad..... hahahahaha
wht can i DO .... wht i can c all is JUST PTV.....hahahhaha

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 20, 2008 at 10:00 AM said...

Haha Paji nice style of answering...
By the way I am quite sure that after Hiba and Amna has read your comments then bro, you won't be able to hide anywhere......
hehhe You are gone!!!!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 21, 2008 at 3:33 AM said...

Well Guys most of u had his/her chance of publishing his/her answers ....Now comes my turn
I hope I may be able to do Justice with these questions....
Please forgive me If my answers seemed disappointing for some of you....Remember I have to choose one answer out of so many options so plzz Maaf Ker dena!!!!.........................Here we GO!!!

Q1. (1) ..I believe she has both these qualities......Sorry Maria and sadaf you both are loyal and sweetest people I have ever met but Maiiam leads the queue.

Q2. (3).. Obviously sweetest friend, mentor, inspiration, trust, and everything........A soul I can never doubt about.
Sorry Uzi and Abbas , I love you too but as I said before one has to lead the plz forgive me.

Q3. (7)....No doubt about it.
Shaheer makes me laugh..He is my true monkey friend, a caring and respecting one.
Hiba syd still cares
Babar makes me pass my time with his lengthy stories..:)
Hiba Shk makes me smile with her lame jokes..hehe
Abdul Razzaq...By God he is the cutest foreigner I ever met.
Mustafa................How could I be so...u know it better.. :)

Q4. (3)... Offcourse it can only be him...

Q5. (5).... In fact they all always talked to guide us in some manner.

Q6. (3).... hehehhe Sudu no doubt your were and you are the most Laraku and Jangjuu Girl of the millennium Ever!!!!!

Q7. (7).....Let me to take him to the mountains of Waziristan.....hahahhahahahaha

Q8. (5)..... Well it will shock most of you but this is what I believe....Paji I voted for u not to make you feel happy but I honestly believe it.

Q9. (1)..... hahahahha Shaheer I can never forget this truly deserve it....Today all Monkeys must celebrate this day as the " Day of Recognition".....You guys rock!!..Be proud and plz plz do not mind meray Dost....

Q10. (8).... She needs it badly....I hope everyone agrees if not everyone then at least paji and me!........haha I am sure she will kill me for this...

Well this was what I had to convey. So plz be optimistic, and enjoy your critics for they will let you grow more bolder and successful...

I am waiting for Question List from each one of you. Please mail me your lists, I will post them as soon as I get them.

With love and best Wishes,

Your brother,

Mohammmad Mustafa Ahmedzai.

Sarosh on July 25, 2008 at 11:10 AM said...

wasalam mustafa.i tried to send my comments but on that day it didnt get posted.warna no 3 pe ma hi karri thee.

Sarosh on July 25, 2008 at 11:36 AM said...

assalam o alaikum everybody!atlast my comment got posted!well done mustafa u really did a distinguished work to join us again.before starting i wanna ask who's Abdur Razzak of our class?i dont remember... i rather remember imad who joined us in 11 o/l. wase tum sab log sadaf k peeeche aise haath paon dhoke na seems usko tang karne k lia ye blog banaya ha.haha.oh well im beginning hope i dont mess wid anybody's feelings..wase ye questions itne khatrnaak nai k aisa kuch ho..;-) ok fine.

Q1- ohh thanku mustafa for only mentioning girls ! hum to saari hi sweet nd loyal hain..!

Q2-oho issme choices kitni irrelevant hain!! haha.jokin.well mustafa janab muje trustworthy lagte the or ever caring was shaheer.kyunke wo aksar bio k test yaad dilata tha! :-)

Q3- o bhai who is Abdur Razzak?? sab he log theek the kisi ne disappoint ni kia.haan ek figure ap bhul gae mustafa nd that is "mohsin mirza" i sumtimes used to get bad feelings fr him...but it was then nd now its no more so no hard feelings saari immature baatein hain.:-)

Q4- hmmm.ill opt sir farooq nd sir brendon too bcoz sir B has an ideal personality regarding teenage coz wo teenager the jb he started his teaching nd likewise had developed a respectable personallity.

Q5- mmm wasse to miss fatima boht baatein karti theen lekn gossipping queen was miss atiqa.

Q6- aray this is discrimination!! boys ka kyun nai likha?nd michael s nt a grl! well ma apne apko kahungi coz ma waqai apne o/l me laraku nd jangjuu thi magr ab aisa talent ni raha.

Q7- uss zamane k lehaz se mohsin! hahaha. or ye Abdur Razzak kon hai bhaeee!!! :-D

Q8- ye bhi mohsin bhai sahab hoonge. kyunke dunya khas kr ke Pakistan mohsin jase brain or talent ko accept karta ha wholeheartely.... ahem ahem

Q9- hahaha.that wud be shaheer monkey!!cz i still cudnt get the reason fr callin him monkey.

Q10- yaha pe bhi Abdur Razzak!!!hahaha. sadaf k saath na insaafi hai ye mustafa!well mmm ye jo bhi hain na Abdur Razzak isko bhej do kyunke i think ye koi additional name hai ye koi banda ni tha.or ma tum sab se mental hospital ni milna chahti. may we all go ahead for brighter future ameen.

THANKS T U TOO MUSTAFA!!for arranging such activity.take lots of care everyone.really its such a fun to get tgether wid u guys.the most fun going personality i found that day was abbas,evergreen.MASHALLAH.may we all spread cheers and laughter as we go along.ameen.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 25, 2008 at 2:10 PM said...

hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm So Doc Sarosh is back on Stage. Thk you alot Sarosh for posting your reply. Honestly I really enjoyed your answers, especially your repeated queries about Abdul Razzaq.
Sarosh Abdul Razzaq Banda hi Tha or bohat Bara Banda, with Beautiful face, bright eyes, smart physic and long legs............Aray He was our Somalian Class Fellow. He used to come to class once in a month ..Remember he joined us when Mona and Teena joined us.

Abdul Razzaq will really feel forsaken today...heheheh :)

By the way I used his name just to add colours to our BLog

shaheer said...

mustafa i think we are getting a bit harder on mona tina and A.Razaq!!!
Bakhshdo unko or unki personalities ko... vasay bhi hamari class may filmon ki kamai nahi!!!
from hiba syed to shakee'''''
from jackson to sukat'''''''
from vkp to sadaf'''
we were full of colours and life and our personal feelings for each other were just amazing(ps. read sarosh comments)

SO bhoolja bhoolja unko...
jo na raha tum may!!!
yad kijiay ali ko, immad ko uzi ko or subko and dont mention those beautiful, handsome and awesome friends we one had!!!
take cares and listen to shehzad roys promotional song of his new album!!!

Sarosh on July 26, 2008 at 12:35 PM said...

array no masla mustafa.its gud u enjoyed.actually i really forgot that guy.nd the grls were moona and ifrah.they came from campus 3.nw i got it.. it luks like im getting flashbacks!!haha. hey shaheer i hope tume bura ni laga ho mera i dunno i feel resentment frm ur side... if anybody got hurt to officially S O R R Y.sorry! these were just immature nd childish memories.
anyways,take lots of care everyone.nd mustafa do arrange some more witty questionnares while reading them my memories got revived after so long time! thanx t u guys nd to all who replied.. and haan everybody plzz keep in touch thru this.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 27, 2008 at 3:27 AM said...

Yaar Shaheer Tum kab baray hogay?

Plz don't advertise your changa Manga Songs here. This is a place of civilized mortals, go have a good concert in Amazon, they need you you ;;;Honestly we love you for making us laugh....and we respect you too...

Sarosh you will enjoy more when you will have to answer a Questionnaire on SHaheer....hahaha
Shaheer you will pappi me once you read it......

shaheer said...


Sadaf said...

salaam heartiest apologies to mustafa as i will be out of touch wit ur web for a long time coz me trying to adjust my uni timetable with my free time....on same hand, Sarosh....thank you sooooooooooo much for supporting me...atleast SOMEONE thnks im not ladakaa man!
Hope to catch up with all of you soon...and where in the world are these other people!!!! Find them and drag them here now!
Take lots of care everyone and miss me okey? lolz
Allah hafiz

Maria said...

hey sarosh welcome my dear
nice answers...i really enjoyed r u n wts going on these days?...sorry for such late comment but i was really busy in searching colleges & finally i have taken addmission in CA;) wese mujhe b Abdur Razaq ka sirf naam hi yaad tha...but after mustafa's explanation i remembered him...& thanks for telling Ifrah's name warna hum sab to mona teena hi kehte the..hehehe
& sadaf sarosh might have forgotten that loveley fight of u n mona Ifrah thats y she's saying this ;P..hehehe just kidding...this blog is for having fun,isnt it?so dont get serious my dear ur so sweet n thats not a joke:) wese hum ne to Amna ka naam b liya tha...u remember Amna n mohsin two best frnds ever...
aur baqi sab to pata nahi kahan hain...lazy ppl:P

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 30, 2008 at 12:59 AM said...

Sudu no need to apologize, visiting this website everyday is not a must but keeping in touch and posting sweet comments is always appreciated. Good luck for uni studies and same to Maria and everyone else.
Plz do pray for Paji's and my uni admission. HaMarah Kya hoga yaar!!!!!:)

By the way bhai Abbas has reached our stop, He has just connected his net and he told me that he will post his comments soon. Uzi and mariam are still having problem with their net.
Where is Amna yaar?

Maria said...

Assalam-o-Alaikum every1
thank u so much Mustafa for those nice wishes & dnt worry v will pray for u Mohsin..InshahAllah sb acha hi hoga;)best of luck to u n all fellows...
thats gud k Abbab bhai bhi finally aa hi gaye....v hope Marium n Uzair vill fix their problems soon...but where is Hiba shakeel???busy in her wedding preparation i suppose ;D...i think we will have to wait for her....
aur amna to abhi pk mai hi hai...wo to jb wapis jayege tb hi net use karege...usk liye b hame wait karna parega;)

Syed Sibte Mohammad ABBAS Naqvi said...

jis ka tum sub ko basubry se intazar tha wo agaya agaya agayaaaaaaa............ hahhahaha asalam walikum to all of u bhaioo aur bhaioo ki bheno kya hal hain wasay to sub hi marial hain class me lakin formality to puri karny ho gi na so howz u sadaf missing me na yaya i know chalo ab bata bhi do hahahaha kiding u know me ;)aray monkey man app ko kon bhul sakta hai app to wahid ha jis ne mujko vote kya hai as a best title of class panjabi film da hero "me tara khun mejaon ga kuuuuuuuuuuuu" hahahaha sorry but i dont think so others r agreeing with u right any ways its nice meeting u all dont worry i will back n give my opion on each n every one n comments on the question too see ya bye !

Mariam Moez said...

assalamo alikum varahmatullahi vabarakatuhoo...............sub kei tabiaat kaisi hai??? well this is miss marium moez...

arai mustafa bhai jub sai aapnai apni web banai aur yeh friendship ki sweet si chain banai tab sai mera pc bewafa hogaya hai.....i've plenty of. trucks of time per NO COMPUTER n neeed relax mind to post my view abhi tu im in my cousins home but as soon as i'll get time i'll definitely leave my golden wordings for u all....dont worry mohsin sahab abhi mere maaaaaaaaaaa chillllaaaaaaa chilllaaaaaaaaa ker bolarai hain kai chaloooooooooooo laiken zindgi rahi tu mai bhi chilllaa chillaaa ker apnai KHAYALAAAT kai izhaaar karoooongi........ok its tooooo much im going take care all of u n ASSALAMO ALIKUM

n mustafa bhai Allah aap ko dheero khushiyaan dai, mere jaisa koi dost na dai...thousands of time i say THANX for everything n be always always happy....mere her dua aapkai saath hai

Syed Sibte Mohammad ABBAS Naqvi said...

asalam wolikum all of u i m back n now i m not going to waste any more time or dalying because i know many of u r giving galiya in their hearts to me so coming back to question.....

yaar is swal ka jawab bohat mushkil hai bcuz entire class know that how my friendship with all of them except marium,hibas,sadaf,amna,sarosh n maria shocked hahahahaha
actually the top 3 r good friends of mine but if i have to chose only 1 than marium is the closest.

well if u talk about the friendship than marium,mohsin,mustafa,uzair n ali r my best friends but the most trustworthy is police wala hahahaha kiding yaar all r same for me n i cant rank u so i will go with option 1 ;)

abdul razzaq bcuz he left school so early

off course sir aijaz as all of u know that who is the apple of the eye of sir aijaz i like him bcuz he taught me many things n he is the one who give me the title panjabi film day hero

yaar ya bohat hi khatya swal hai lakin me naam nahi luga nahi nahi me naam hargiz nahi luga khud samajo

sub se phaly ya girls me michal kaha se agay
yaar larakuu n jangjuu to sub hi thee lakin sadaf baji ne to kamal hi kardia tha mona liza ki wat laga di me ne to appny phadoo me sadaf ki madad lany ki soch li thi sorry sadaf but i still remember ur slap which u give me what a iron hand u have

pagi kya list banai hai except abdul razzaq not even a single person jis ko thonay ka dil na chata ho from babar to sukait i wish i could do this sari dil ki barass nikal doon

salay shakal dakhi ha apni sub na hero banay ka vilan zaror bansakty ho shaheer ko to aik hi role mila ka hehehehe

hahahaha ya bhi koi puch nai wali bat hai the renowned title is theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee monkey man kala khai ga!!!

well i think 2 people will go at that place first one who will go what mustafa said i agree n the second one is mustafa himself hahahaha;)

well i hope u would like my comments and any mistake at any part should be ignored
urs faithfully

hahahaha isay zada formality nahi ati so pls dont mind if u feel any thing or agar mind karo gai to karty raho meray bap ka kya jata hai
ok thak u take care
see ya bye.......

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on August 3, 2008 at 4:54 AM said...

Oh man! that is wonderful to know that people are exposing their secrets here..hehehe..Abbas I am shocked to know that you were slapped by Sudu...hahahha...What an unfortunate soul....
Hey Guys just read what he said in Q6. " .....but i still remember ur slap which u give me what a iron hand u have "

hahahahha....Sorry but I can't stop laughing...

Abbas thks for agreeing with me on Q10.

Maria said...

very funny answers Abbas...i reallyy enjoyed that..speciallyy the ans of Q5...she used to say exactly like this..."ap sb jante hain wo kon hai per mai naam nahi lunge" hehehehe
n agreed with Mustafa...Abbas!when did this wonderful incident happen??
neither sadaf nor u told us b4..:P

Syed Sibte Mohammad ABBAS Naqvi said...

what u people r thinking i dont know but let me explain that she didnt give me a slap on my face she hit on my back n it was not a serious matter at all but the slap was really hard (nahi nahi mara yakeen karo asa kuch nahi hwa tha)like a kid hahahahaha

marium moez said...

assalamo alikum every dude, dost etc etc....

well aaj pata chal jaiga marium kitnai pani mai hai aur kitni zameen per............what was that?????

Q1.hiba shakeel n mohsin ...qasam sai baqi sub supporting role play kert rai hain...

Q2. MOHSIN MIRZA, HIBA SHAKEEL inkai baad....pata nai sub hi achai hain...


Q4.OFCOURSE sir brendon...tsk tsk tsk mustafa kia question tha!!!!!!!!!!hheeheh

Q5.mis ateeqa aur ziada nai bolongi school mai subko pata chal jaiga!!!!!

Q6.i rememberd the slap mohsin gave me n later i gave him but Larakuuu n jangjuuu tu koi nai tha.....mohsin tumko yaad hai???yaar ab aik slap kai peechai kissi larki ko generalize tu mat karooo....

Q7.mai mustafa ko kaaaaaaaaaaafi torture kersakti theii ager mai apnai answers post nai kerti n instead of this bus batein n other coments likhti...heheeh isnt it mustafa???

Q8.leading Herooo tu i guess shaheer ko hona chahiye cos hes the future minister n present speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehheheheh

Q9.MICHEAL n Monkey....similar hain shayad Marium sai!!!!!!naaaaaaa

Q10.mainooo kiii jo bhi jai.... hum tu khud jarai hai perdais!!!

mustafa kaaafi simple tha....but u should add sum more spicy n chilli questions takai delicious sai answers ki recepi banai ...well this was also COOL..... bt the names i didnt mention just bcoz they dont fit anywhere otherwise saroosh,maria,sadaf,abbas,uzair....all r in my mind so dont u worry alll............HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all of u dear friends keep this bond stronger n stronger every moment n trust each other aur ab ammma jaan ko bhakhshooo...

take care...c u tomo at hibaaas wedding

uzair said...

hey guys.. Assalamualaikum to all..
sory yar im late to reply.. but im here now.. so there u go with the answerS..

1. Marium
2. well i thought it was Imad but i was an idiot.. now i recognize paaji mohsin n abbas are my darlings n closest to me.. my truely best frndz foreva.. love u darlings
3. none
4. Sir Faarooq.. haha
5. Miss Atiqa... the great gossiper
6. Sadaf yar (chupa rustam phadde baz) doston ki dost or dushmanon ki deadly dushman haha
7. Sir ehsan.. leave "HER" to live with 5 boys for 1 month so that he can be a pure "MAN"...
8. my paaji ofcourse
9. Monkeeeey power "THE UNFORGETTABLE"
the answer is "MOHSIN"
sory mohsin but u have to acept the truth.. hahahaha

Sadaf said...

abay yaar....why the hell am i gettin the most votes for being jangjuu and ladakuu?? I DONT EVEN FIT IN THIS CATEGORY!! khair...atleast you all remember me for something!!
Im still happy tat u dint forget me....thought long distance wud cme in between everything...Thank you sooo much!!!

uzair said...

aray yar sadaf u sets the best in this category... kiun k jo jhalak tumne dikhayee thee na that is reeealy hard to forget haha..
but i mentioned doston ki dost and dushmanon ki "deadly dushman"

marium said...

yaar sadaf tum kia GAREEB AWAAM ki tarah her haal mai khush hoo.....u were nt at all JHAGRALOO my sweet friend im with u.....oooi uzair aap tu bohat change hogai hooo MASHA ALLAH, shariat ka bohat khayal rakhna tum london jarai hoo ...ehehheeh

marium said...

mustafa bhai n uzair sahab kuch IMMATURE loog hain unko samjhaooo kai woh mairai dear friend kai barai mai zara kam bolain.....

mustafa tumnai face book join rakhni hai cos tumko AMNA ko shariat ka main masla samjhana hai...hehehe get that

uzair said...

oye marium ki bachi...
we r not at all immature OKAY??
we shuld b the apple of ur eyes....
or i xplained yar k uski ek jhalak hi kaafi thi.. haha
and that woh doston ki dost or dushmanon ki deadly dushman.. haha
so she sets it all

marium said...

ooi uzair tumko kon IMMATURE bol raha hai woh koi aur hai was an indirect TAUNT to some1....u r surely the apple of eye ,star of the sky etc hehehe

n my dear janati hai kon....MOHSIN MIRZA BAIGab sooch loo uska shupa dushman kon hai.....heheheh

marium said...

mustafa yeh aik month ki kon si studies hain???????? n i think maria is rite ,jahan achai hoti hai wahan thora sa shar(burai) tu hoti hai accept it n face it....ok rest is ur choice..

marium said...

sadaf yaar MASHA ALLAH hiba was looking verry pretty....may Allah bless her n she may ALWAYS ALWAYS be happy.....AMEEN

sadaf i'll send u more pics i've n i dont know y mustafa didnt post all the pics of the wedding....anyway c u n where r others ????

Sadaf said...

send me moorrrrrrrrrreeeeee pictures!! itni kanjoosi tat u only posted 7??? please marium i beg u...aur bhaijoo yaar! abhi main hiba kay peechay parh rahi hoon to send me more and maria!!! you too!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
By the way uzi...dushmanoo ki deadly dushman?? who were my enemies man? did i say anyone anything?? lolz...sorry if i hurt anyone!!!!!!

uzair said...

nhi saddy yar bas ek wohi mona lisa thi bechari... uske baad no one dared to be ur dushman.. haha
that was a great stuff.. i still rmmbr kiun k us maamle main mai bhi phasne waala tha n u saved us .. thnx buddy ;)

Maria said...

Assalam-o-Alaikum every1
how r u all?
thanks for supporting my view Marium....wese ye 1 month study ki baat to meri bhi samajh nhi aye..abhi to new session start hua hai...exams to door hain..
n ur rite Hiba was luking so pretty...wo khte hain na k khoob roop charha tha...bilkul change lag rahi thi...
Hiba dear our best wishes will always be with u.....
Marium mujhe b pics send karo..mere paaas to bht thori si hain..
N Sadaf ill send u those pics but rite now there is some problem with my pc so let me fix it then ill send u the the way u dnt have to say sorry my dear u dint hurt nyone...we voted for u as being the most jhagralu bcoz of ur fight with mona...but thats just for fun ...we all know that ur so cheer up..dnt b so upset...

Syed Sibte Mohammad ABBAS Naqvi said...

hi ssadaf urff saddy howa u they all r saying right ;)tum ne kisi ka dil nahi tora hai hehehehe dil par bulkul nahi lana samaj gin na understand hum to buss asssi hi mazak karraha hain kun marium am i saying right;)hehehehe yahi kaha tha na tum muj se bolne ko aur uzair bhai to 100% muj se agree karte hain ............
guse ki to khair hai buss tum apna haat thora halka rakha karo

marium said...

abbas tum pait(stomach) kai kitnai halkai hooo ager apas ki baat pait mai rakhnai ki adat daloo gai tu zara sehat mand hojaogai .......sub kuch bolna zaroori nai hoota...sadaf dear never mind im still with u abhi in larkoo nai sai waali larai dekhi nai woh bhi apni class friends ki uzair n abbas tu bass aik haat kai hain.....kiyun uzair sai bola na...

chaloo abbas ab zara tum ajao kissi din saamnai baitai JHAGRALOO ki defination practical kai saath samjhaooongi...hehehe

marium said...

sadaf yaar i'll send u pics soon ....kuch attachment ki problem hai .....aik 25 seconds ki movie hai barai barai logoon ki usmai izzat afzai hoi hai AMNA JII sai...........sadaf tum jaanti hoo amna bhi shaadi main aai thei n boys gone mad kai unki AKLOOTI friend achanak unkai saamnai especially MIRZA sahab

sadaf i dont think hiba shakeel vuld b in contact for a month till her husband is here in pakistan...even im also waiting for her call or replt on sms...shes tooo busy now...u take care love u lots

uzair said...

oye marium tumhe mai ek hath ka lagta hun???? beta abhi maine apna jalwa dikhaya nhi hai.. woh to tum log mere dear frndz ho thts y.. warna to mera hath popoye ki tarha hai dekhne main halka lekin parne main dhajka... hahahaha
or abbas agar tum marium k pass jao to mjhe lete jana phir dekhte hain akhare main kya hota hai... or marium chalo tum moin ko bhi lay ana.. ise hamari taraf se dheal samajh lo

uzair said...

or han yar maria or marium tum logon k pass jo pics bhi haina please mjhe send kar do .. maine apne ghar waalon ko dikhani hain..

Maria said...

ohhhh yahan to larai ho rahi hai... i think sb hi most jhagraalu ka title jeetne k liye betaab hain..hehhe....
marium n sadaf mai tum logo k sath hun..chalo girl v/s boys...hehhehe
n marium dear jahan jo topic chal raha ho usi per baat kya karo baat yahan ho rahi hai uska reply tum ne "mystery boxes" mai kya hai n jo baat waha ho rahi hai uska reply ap ne yaha kya hai...larki aese kuch samajh nahi ata.....
aur Uzair mere paas thori si pics hain.mai abhi sb logo ko send krti hu thora sa intezar...sabar ka phal meetha hota hai...
wese ghar walo ko pics dikha k kya karna hai?wo bechare to roz hi tumhe dekhte hain...:P

Sadaf said...

logooon!!!!! ladhnaa band karo!! Musi nay yeh jagaah isliyay nahin kar pyaarr baantoo!! khair..chalo khushi howee sun kay keh mairaa JHAGRAALUU TITLE ab koi toh hai share karnay kay liyay!!! hahahha
Sab khush raho....

marium said...

maria dear uzair jahan sai comment likh ker send kia tha mainai ussi per reply kerdia i dont know kai kiya chal raha hai mai tu JOSH mai uzair kai comments ka jawaab dai rahi theee.....hehehheh

dekhlooo Uzair bethai bethai team tiyaaar abhi me,maria n sadaf vs uzair n abbas ONLY...eeooohhahaheheh BOOHAT MAJA aaiga....

Syed Sibte Mohammad ABBAS Naqvi said...

yaar uzi larkyun ne to phaly se hi haar man li yahoooooooo..........
aur marium ko to bohat gusa araha hai is ka bus chalay to msg me se nikal kar chamat laga de...
marium y dont u join fighters club in facebook come on.......
i will see u hahahahaha brrrrrrrrrrr;)

Syed Sibte Mohammad ABBAS Naqvi said...

yaar uzi larkyun ne to phaly se hi haar man li yahoooooooo..........
aur marium ko to bohat gusa araha hai is ka bus chalay to msg me se nikal kar chamat laga de...
marium y dont u join fighters club in facebook come on.......
i will see u hahahahaha brrrrrrrrrrr;)

marium said...

mustafa i got ur point n dont worry INSHA ALLAH i'll do that...n BEST OF LUCK TO U N MOHSN BAIG...

abbas u dont have an idea na tumhara paaji hai na mohsin baig hai.....aur hum teen larkiyaaan hain, face book per kiyun bolatai hooo sub kai saamnai asliat mat dekhao ye apnai apnai reality faces is TECFun tak hi rakhooo abhi ager miss fatima nai perliya tu pata liye khair ager serious hona hai tu koi jaga decide kerloo aur dhoodh ka dhoodh pani ka pani pata chaljaiga...hahahaeheheh kiyun maria am i rite

marium said...

mustafa y dont u delete the coments which r too old like first ten day comments, n yes i didnt find those advertisments, are they on this form or on ur web page ???exactly kahan hain?????

marium said...

maria i've maild u n sadaf all the pics i've aik video uski attachment honai rahi i dont know y ...khair thanks for the pics u've send...

sir shaheer n Dr saroosh kaha gai???

uzair said...

hey hey hey..... who dared threaten my dear abbas???
sunlo marium madam agar mere dost ko kuch bhi huwa na to bhoolna mat k uske sir per uzi ka haath hai abhi.. abbas darling my full support is with u.. bula lai inhe jahan marzi phir dekhte hain... or kya miss fatima ki dhamkyan de rahi ho marium.. woh bechari wahan se hamara kya bighaar laingi???

uzair said...

bas yar abbas tu tension mat lai.. main hun na!!!

uzair said...

oh yar marium bhul gaya tha shukar yaad aa gaya k pics mjhe bhi send kar dena.. or maria yar tum bhi.. or maria maine ghar waalon ko apni tasveerain nhi balke hiba shakeel ki dikhani hain..

marium said...

uzi man lia tumhara sir Abbas per hai per tumharai sir per kiska haath hai....hhehheeheh

waisai bhi abbas ka itna bara dil nai kai woh mujhsai muqaabla kernai akailai aai woh shair sai larnai ki baatain kersakta hai per choohai sai bhaagta hai ...heheeh khair mai miss fatima ki dhamkiyaan nai dai rai balkai thori izzat rekhnai k liye boli thei per tum ko kia farq perta hai....khair dekhtai hain kiya hota

abbas tension mat laina uzair hi to hai MAZLOOMOON ka saathi...eheheh

so sadaf dear dekha kaisai baazi plat gai becharoon ko apni pari hoi hai aik doosrai kai SUPPORTERS...hehehehaahahah

marium said...

correction: uzi man liya tumhara haath abbas kai sir per hai per tumharai sir per kiska haath hai??????

Maria said...

bus karooooooo logooo....
larna bharna kaam bura hai..
larne ka anjaam bura hai
bus kardo bus...bus kardo bus...
jiyo aur jeene do..hehehe
A/L result agaya..kya hua frnds..i hope sb ka naama-e-amaal seedhe hath mai hi dya gaya hoga...hain na???marium..sarosh..abbas..mustafa mohsin...wt happened???
shaheer n uzair tum logo ka result b to agaya na???kya hua???

Maria said...

marium tumhare paas wo stage wali pic hai?..hamare poore grp ki???..ek to amna k cell se li thi wo to jb amna net use karege tb hi milege...kisi aur k paas nahi hai wo pic??

Babar on August 13, 2008 at 3:51 AM said...

Hi guys finally
Im here and re married wt the net
1. Bano ji
2. Miss Rana
3. waqas
4. Shaheer
5. Mohsin
6. shakeel bhai
7. ill answer this one some day else in frsat
8. Marium and shakeel bhai.....mustafa and shaheer
9. gone frever
10. moshin
11. sadaf (nothing personal :)
12. backwarded
13. Diverted
14. I dont need one
15. Waqas ( bahar jakar phadday na kar deport ho jaye ga!)
16. none
17. sadaf? dont ask why now plz...
18. haha me Babar
19. Uzair
20. Inshallah all of us
21. well im dating it....2050

Maria said...

baber this questionairre was for miss fatima not for us...:P...
apko"some questions frm my o/l friends" k answer dene hain....

Babar said...

Hey.. more questions.... chalo here goes nothin./...
1. Sadaf
2. Waqas
3. hiba syed
4. haha Sir Farooq
5. miss Ateeqa koi shak>
6. amna
7. moshin
8. mustafa
9. I guess me...sab hi poochtey rehtay hain miloon na miloon
10. Mohsin

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on August 13, 2008 at 11:27 AM said...

Thks Goodness I got babar's Email. Acha hai waqt per us k naam per answers post ker diyeh warna Paji, uzi, Shaheer, n abbas were eager to embrace him for his act of wisdom....
Babar nevermind Brother. I know this site is a bit complicating ..but I'll make it more simple InshAllah.
I am happy today for recognizing the fact that TEcfun succeeded in achieving its goal. It realy feel nice to have everyone here. May Allah keep our amity alive forever.

Notcie:.....Plz post your general comments on TEC Forum...

I got my result. Thks to Allah those C's and B's of As/L changed to 3 A's and 1 B of A/L.

Maria and Sarosh let me know urs..soon...Plz pray for our uni admission.


Sarosh on August 16, 2008 at 3:03 AM said...

hellooo!!!! im backk.guys mera net kharab tha islia i was out of touch or us chote se time mein tum log itne larakuu hogaee!!! control yaaron control. a lvl result distinction in urdu at ma school.95% lekn zada khush na hona i got baqi cs.but im happy that i passed.warna city ki history ka horrible result aya tha. we had max was really a threatening nd heartwrenching day. but anyway, congrats mustafa.tmare performance se hopes milti hain ke INSHALLAH mehnat se nxt yr improvement ajaegi.asl me paper dene ki tameez bhi ni thi islia asa raha.but INSHALLAH .WILL AGN TRY MY BEST. ACHA who have those photos of stage? i think amna.yar jiske bhi paas hon wo plz upload karke muje bhi send kare muje bhi apne gharwalon ko dekhani hain...:-). evrybdy take care lots.remember me in prayers too.GOD BLESS YOU ALL ND OUR BOND.(bond yani relation not james bond)
bubyezz.or koi hiba syed ki bhi khabar lee..

Amna Shah said...

A.O.A. meri pyari behno aur un sab k pyare bhaiyo! Jiska sab ko intezaar tha woh agai :D

Hope u r all doing well...actually this site is complicated so it took me a while to work out how to post comments...but thanks Mustafa for creating this awesome site...we shall never be parted!

So here are the answers...

Q1. Who proved to be the most loyal and the sweatest friend amongst these choices?


Q2. Who proved to be the trustworthy and ever-caring friend amongst these choices?

None of the options given :P

Q3. Who proved to be the disappointing charachter ever? Option 6 was added to remove doubts.


Q4. Who was your favourite and some-what ideal teacher at TEC?

Without a doubt its Sir Brendon

Q5. Whom will you rank first in Gossips and and and.....?

Miss Fatimah

Q6. Who was the Larakuu and Jangjuu amongst girls?

I think Mohsin's name deserves to be here and i would definitely vote for him :P

Q7. Whom will you torture the most and how, if you get a chance to do so?

Sir Ahsan...but i don't know how :S

Q8. Whom will you vote to be the Leading Hero of the near Future?

I'll be honest here...i personally think it would be Mohsin :D

but i hope all of u guys will be the leading heroes of the near future :)

Q9. Which title remained the most renowned till today?

Punjabi Film De Hero [ Abbas ]

Q10. Who must reach Mental Hospital First? On utmost demand of Maria and Sadaf I am forced to add my name to this list too.....

Mustafa ;)

Here's a question...i am confused...what did Marium mean when she said "mustafa tumnai face book join rakhni hai cos tumko AMNA ko shariat ka main masla samjhana hai...hehehe get that" maine kya kiya???:S

by the way, well done Sarosh!!!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on January 17, 2009 at 11:32 AM said...

hey Amna ki bachi!!! Q10 k liyeh mai hi milla tha kya???
Khair Marium ki ba'to ka bura mat man'na wo thori pagli hai :)

Amna Shah said...

Question number 10 k liye theyy to aur bhi options lekin sab se zyada zaroorat tumhe hai na mental hospital jaane ki ;)

Maria said...

Thanks Amna 4 stating my name as d most loyal nd sweet frnd...:)..well ur a gud liar,i must say...:P
nd Mustafa ...dnt get angry...u have got many votes...but dnt worry as i said earlier all of us vll go 2 mental hospital 2gether...ab to company dene k liye Amna b hai...rite amna??:D

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on January 23, 2009 at 1:16 PM said...

Well yeh you are right Maria. We all are Insane creatures, Mental hospital will the right spot for an everlasting get2gether hehehe :)
Well I surrender Amna that I must reach a Mental Hospital Soon Bcoz I forgot to write your name to the list in Q#10 :P How could I forget that day when you jumped at Mohsin like an angry Doll hahahahhahahahah......Look I said we are all Insane and insanity surrounds us!!1

Amna Shah said...

haahahahahaahaha...yeah i agree with u name should have been there...lekin phir bhi lead to mustafa he karta na ;P

Amna Shah said...

and mohsin is my best friend so don't say anything about him lol hahahahahaha...that was a joke ;)

Amna Shah said...

and yeah maria...i will accompany you...tumhe wahan bhi akeli nahi choroongi :D

marium moez said...

mohsin , whn did u have NEW friends.....u didnt bother to tell me yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!comon!now im acknowledged with such information in this way.....

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on January 25, 2009 at 8:10 AM said...

hahha that was cool to know that Mohsin and Amna are best friends now....Poor Maria and Sarosh..............ANd yes poor Marium tooo......

Amna Shah said...

hahahahaha....Mustafa u should have said...poor Amna...who has got Mohsin as her best friend ;)

Maria said... amna dear i think v shud say 'poor Mohsin' who has got Amna as his best d way since when Mohsin has become ur best frnd???tell me do u really wanna go back to Birmingham ALIVE after March...:D
nd Mustafa I agree wid u ....Mental hospital is a perfect place for an everlasting will be more studies tension...:D..nd yes d frequent fights of Amna n Mohsin....amna dnt forget to bring Presscott book...:P

Amna Shah said... that Mohsin is my best friend, i don't need that book anymore...he'll himself commit suicide when he reads my comment ;)

marium moez said...

ooooooooooh hello mustafa, hold on man!!!! im NOT at all pooor in case of friends n ofcourse mine n mohsin friendship could never b replace by anyother being.....bytway uzair its nice to c u back n i must amna is lucky to have MOHSIN as her friend....
thanx mustafa for such a wonderfull website to relax n freely comment anything v wish ....
n where r others??? maria jiii hows ur ACCA going on??? im still doing CAT n INSHA ALLAH will start ACCA in september session n i hope i could go through it, so keep praying for me....
love u all, n misss u alot

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on January 26, 2009 at 5:08 AM said...

Oh really? o: o: o: o:
thats great.

Kithay hai Sarosh , Abbas and Suddu???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Amna Shah said...

Mariam I am genuinely NOT INTERESTED in replacing ur friendship with Mohsin...whatever I said was just a joke so you better not say anything about me in the future...such as that I need to know about shariat from mustafa or anyone else...I DO NOT need to know about Islam or shariat from you!

Maria said...

correct fact he would have commited suicide by now..:D
nyway just close this topic as its becoming serious....& dear dnt get angry tum per bilkul suit nhi krta.:)[wese to u per kuch b suit nhi karta...per... ]nd all d best for ur new horrible semester...:P

nd Marium!i wish i could tell u abt ACCA but i cant coz im Doing CA:P....nd wo abhi tk to acha ja raha hai...2nd march se ppr pray 4 me...
nd all d very best for CAT
aur haan ACCA Abbas nd Hiba kar rahe hain....

Mirza Mohsin said...

Hey Hey ... Where is this going... again Marium n Amna ... moving in pointless direction... Was out f touch jus for a week n C how thing get rampant..
Amna abb koi fazool baat ki to MAMMA ko batadonga... Pencil HEEL sy PITAI HOO gi
Amna sub ko frendship k bary mein mat batao... NAzar lag jaye gi... ;-P
Marium tumhary hony wale UUN ko bata hun k tum sub ki baap bohat banti ho...
U C great scholars like MOhsin MIrza says... "Friendship means single soul dwelling in several bodies"... "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend."

OH PAPPU ... do i make maslf clear.. u little babies out dere...

Abbas said...

salam guys how r u
me back again after a long duration of period
thanks God the xams r over after whole month
aur tum log kase ho kisi se bat nahi hwi for a long time i think all miss me so much as mustafa has tod me hehehehe
i dont knw kia gup shup chal rahi hai other wise i would add spice on it ........
marium tumhara sun kar bohat kushi hwi kia yaar sub ko bata dia or mujko nahi bataya ;)
sadaf as uusual eid ka chand nonono i ll not say her eid ka chand hmmmm she is chand ghrahan wo bhi kabhi kabhi nikalta hai hehehe well its just a jok i knw how busy she is in her life no persuading frm my side u rock!!!!
aray amna tum bhi tecfun par kab se n u said u didnt knw his site u r confused something like that anyways guud to see one more addition
maria se to me katti hoon n dont ask me y?
yaar ya maria aur amna ki conversation bohat garam jarahi hai to me soch raha hoon ka hatora mardoon
atlast mohsin app ne friendship par bohat piyari baat ki hai so i recall that msg which u give me abut friendship
'friendship is like...........' do u remember hahahahahahhaha
ooooo i forgot the main baat friendz i clear the first part of ACCA by the grace of GOD n now i proceed to 2nd one i knw u all love me n prayed for me so thank u v much to all who pray for me n those u dont 'jo de uska bhi bhala jo na de uska bhi bhala'hehehehe

one more announcment very soon i m arranging a get together for all friendz who r in karachi hehehe or jo bahir haan who bat ka jaalan
take care bye see ya ..............

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on January 28, 2009 at 11:54 AM said...

Hey Abbas, I really like the ending of you message....."one more announcment very soon i m arranging a get together for all friendz who r in karachi hehehe or jo bahir haan who bat ka jaalan """""
Now that was a smart idea................but wait.....................I wont pay a Pennny and same is true for rest........Since u r arranging it then I am expecting a warm one with kind Pockets and a kind wallet..haha............ :D

marium moez said...

oooooh hold on amna....first of all abt shariat...i ACCEPT tat i know very much less from u n im happy with it, bt t thing which im talking abt is something very much different n i dont think tat any of t friends know abt it forget abt it n dont keeeep ur shariat knowledge ONLY with u n plz do teach us something as well....JAZAKA ALLAH..
n ys as looong as t friendship is concern so IM SORRRY , i dont want any misunderstanding abt all this so NEVER MIND dear friend!!!!

Amna Shah said...

Abbas u r not allowed to arrange a get together without me! I am coming to pk in march plz wait till then :)

and yeah i worked out how to comment here bcoz i know how much every1 was missing me ;)

and congrats...hope u get the results u want!

aur meri aur maria ki conversation garam nahi ja rahi...hum to bohat pyar se baat kar rahe hain...bas humara style thora different hai;)

Abbas said...

hey pagi dont worry i wouldnt ask u infact i wouldnt ask any of u for a single bugs it entirly frm my side happy!so remain chill or yaar ye film kuch theek chal nahi rahi hai

yaar marium relax im scared pls dont kill amna pls pls i beg ur pardon hahahahahahaha
pagi soch marium n amna in a ring ooooooooo amazing its more entartainment than the tennis match oo tennis wat a match today i ve seen which took by nadal

ok no more joks n pls its a hamble request that no more idotic discussion or comments on shariat pls pls pls
mustafa made this site for unity yaar not for fight i dont knw n i dont want to knw whts going on bw u 2 but it will all go in vain that a fact so enjoy the movie which pagi has made although the film is not properly running on my pc hehehe
and and and kis ki take loon hmmmmm .........
chalo baksha aaj take care bye see ya

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on January 30, 2009 at 12:51 PM said...

Oh wow! that was so great of you Abbas, but I know salay saray pesay hamaray hi jaib say jayein gay...hahahahahha.....Nopes I know u will, just kiddin.

Listen the reason why couldn't properly see that movie might be that you don't have Macromedia flash player installed on your browser. Use Mozilla Browser, it will automatically install flash player for u. When it asks for add-on installation , click ok and u will get flash player installed on ur browser.
Greetings :)

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