Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here comes Miss Fatimah!!!!.......Now our History of hopes will take another turn…..:)

Posted by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on 6:39 AM
Miss Fatimah We welcome you warmly and humbly to the planet of your crazy and freak yet sweet O/L students.
The Only rule you must obey here is to be Honest with your answers.
You are provided with a MCQ test comprising of 21 stupid yet meaningful questions, each question carries our hopes, expectations and love.
Ensure that you don’t cheat because we have got some very psychic Invigilators here who can go insane if they catch you red handed.
The format of answering is already posted on our previous blogs, you can have a glance of them if you need some help.
Be simple, loyal and as natural as possible. You have got just three days to answer each question. We will be honored with an early reply.
Your Test Starts Now!!!.......................Good Luck !!
Q1. Whats your favourite title?
(1) Bano baji
(2) Banocium
(3) Miss Chembo
(4) Or any other you like

Q2.The teacher you wont ever like to meet again?
(1) Sir Brendon
(2) Miss Atiqa
(3) Miss Nasreen
(4) Miss Shama
(5) Miss Rana
(6) name if any.

Q3. Which student let you down unexpectedly ever and at what occassion?
(1) Shaheer 
(2) Mariam
(3) Mustafa
(4) Sadaf
(5) Abbas
(6) Sukat
(7) The hibas
(8) Babe..(r)
(9) Mohsin
(10) Imad

Q4. Which student you think was the most good looking in the class?

(1) Shaheer
(2) (2) Sherry
(3) (3) Imad
(4) (4) Ali Sukait
(5) (5) And Shaheer again
(6) (6) Name if any
Q5. Which student gave you the most tough time?
(1) Any by your choice

Q6.Which one you think would change dramatically or the most in future?

(1) (1) Uzi mama
(2) (2) Babar Jackson
(3) Shakeel Bhai...(since she’s going to be married)
(4) Shaheer Monkey
(5) Hiba Syed
(6) Mariam
(7) Vikki, Waqas
(8) Mohsin
(9) Imad

Q7. List the students by your experience in order from 1st position to the 8th with regard to Stupidity and weirdness.

(1) Open Choice

Q8. Who you thought was the best of the characters and personality?
(2 in boys and 2 in girls)

(1) Open choice

Q9. How will you define a married person?
(1) Forsaken
(2) Gone Forever
(3) Hostage
(4) Guantanamo Prisoner
(5) Lucky Champ
(6) Chilly and Saucy
(7) Kyun Batawu?
(8) Open Choice

Q10. If you are given a chance to mentally Torture Someone, whom will you torture and why?

(1) (1) Saroash
(2) (2) Maria
(3) (3) Mariam
(4) (4) Sudu
(5) (5) Hiba syd
(6) (6) Hiba Shakeel
(7) (7) Mohsin
(8) (8) Monkey
(9) (9) Michael
(11) Imad
Q11. Who is the most honest and cutest among these choices?

(1) (1) Maria
(2) (2) Sadaf
(3) (3) Mariam
(4) (4) Shakeel Bhai
(5) (5) Sarosh
(6) (6) Uzair
(7) (7) Abbas
(8) (8) Shaheer
(9) (9) Imad
(10) Musi Bhai
Q12. Where do you see Pakistan in the days to come? Be honest and please don’t add climax.

(1) Unfortunately the same as it is at present
(2) Back warded
(3) In Chaos and Confusion
(4) Corrupted and deserted
(5) Flourishing
(6) In need of Desperate help
(7) Define it your way

Q13. Where do you see the youth of Pakistan in the near future?

(1) In utter Confusion
(2) Depressed and hopeless
(3) Diverted
(4) All settled abroad
(5) Key to Success
(6) Highly Civilized and educated

Q14. How will you define your Husband in one Word?

(1) Caring and loving
(2) My dream boy
(3) Honest and faithful
(4) Hard working
(5) Arrogant
(6) Selfish
(7) The nicest Husband

Q15. What advise will you give to anyone of the following?

(1) Hiba Syed
(2) Shaheer
(3) Mohsin
(4) Waqas
(5) Imad
Q16. Who has changed a lot in the recent years and how?

(1) Mohsin
(2) Waqas
(3) Hiba Syed
(4) Mariam
(5) Shaheer
(6) Sir Brendon
(7) Mustafa
(8) You respected Husband...:)

Q17. If you fell in desperate need of help, whom will you reach first? Excluding your dear Husband and Family.

(1) Mariam
(2) Mohsin
(3) Shaheer
(4) Maria
(5) Sadaf
(6) Mustafa
(7) Sir Brendon
(8) Name if any

Q18. Who is losing his social values and virtues badly?

(1) Hiba Syed
(2) Mohsin
(3) Waqas
(4) Babar
(5) Imad
(6)Name if any
Q19. Whom will you always feel proud to talk high of?

(1) Shaheer
(2) Maria
(3) Sarosh
(4) Mariam
(5) Sadaf
(6) Mustafa
(7) Uzair
(8) Abbas
(9) Amna
(10) Mohsin
(11) Hiba Shakeel
(12) Hiba Syed

Q20. Who will succeed with his educational goal?

(1) My Dear all of you
(2) Unfortunately none of you
(3) Name if any

Q21. Finally, when is the cutest Baby Fatimah Bano stepping into this world?

(1) This year InshAllah
(2) Oh Come on, its way far
(3) God knows better
(4) Date it yourself

Thank you a lot for your patience, we would love to receive your answers as soon as possible.

Notice:- Please help me with your personal Questionnaire. I would like to thank Shaheer Mky Bhai for helping me in preparing this Questionnaire .
Shaheer and Mustafa

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Fatimah Bano said...

im fine n hope same for u all. im sorry if my answers hurt was very hard for a teacher to differentiate her all r like sons n daughters to me (n u all know this as well).Forgive me if any of you fell hurt.Im sorry.i myself will make questionaire n answer it myself next time so that all of my students should be included in

A.1 Ma’am Fatimah

A.2 None of the above. (hehehehe)

A.3 Imad because he is intelligent but he mostly let me down in his results.

A.4 Marium Moez.

A.5 All of my students in different ways.

A.6 Uzair.

A.7 Im lucky to have students those are not stupid n weird.

A.8 Mustafa n Shaheer and in girls Marium Moez n Maria.

A.9 Married life experience is different for everyone. For some its heaven n for some its hell.

A.10 None of the choices.

A.11 Most honest is Mustafa n most cutest is Sarosh.

A.12 Corrupted and deserted.

A.13 Key to success.

A.14 Honest and Faithful.

A.15 Be Honest n the world will definitely recognize you.

A.16 Hiba Syed ,I must say because she is the only one who didn’t show up since long.

A.17 Shaheer.

A.18 Baber n the most depressed part is that he himself doesn’t know.

A.19 I never feel proud for all choices, but Mr. Brendon.

A.20 My dear all of you.

A.21 GOD knows better.

With love,

Ma'am Fatimah

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on August 5, 2008 at 4:31 AM said...

Ma'am Fatimah that answers were really encouraging. Thankyou for being so optimistc about all of us. By the way I really didn't understand your answer to Q19.

"I never feel proud for all choices, but Mr. Brendon"

To be honest guys, after reading this answer I was right to predict that our Histroy of hopes will take another turn and it did.

shaheer said...

OH my GOD!!!!
it is just aother face of truth!!!
I salute you ms fatima for your answer in 19!!!
Finally this blog has reached its ultimate goal....personal reformations!!!
i must say its ever the most honest and enlightened thing for post for all of us!!!!

Fatimah Bano said...

mustafa dear this sentence means that i never feel proud by meeting any of the given choices of students,but i always feel proud while meeting Brendon,coz of his marvellous personality.

shaheer said...

abay mustafa bhai...
kio apni mazeed baizati per tula hoa hay!!!
jo nai SAMAJH ARHA USAY BHOOL JA usi may hamari thori buhat izzat bachi hay!!!

marium said...

assalamo alikum miss ....thank u so much for this much honour, i believe that whatever character or personality we have is all because of our parents n teachers n SHUKR ALLAH i always have best teachers, thank u once again, bus Allah (s.w.t) merai imaan ko strong rakhai ...ameen

n Mr.shaheer ager mustafa nai pooch liya tu i guess acha hi hoa kia pata kitnai loogoo ko samjh nai aaya hooo tu sub individually poochtai tu ziada IZZAT afzai hoti...thanks to mustafa...
shaheer dont thnk that i didnt get ms fatima's point, im jst supporting mustafa n im not against u

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on August 5, 2008 at 11:56 PM said...

Sun Liya Shaheer ab pathli gali say Nikallo...hehe

Miss Fatimah , Marium , Amna , Waqas, Sudu, and after some months Paji and wada paji ko Best of Luck for their Abroad way of life. Best of Luck for your educational platinum goals [ Same to Maria, sarosh, Uzi , Abbas , rest ]...

May success be urs...Allah may bless us all.

Uzair Ahmed said...

Hey Miss Fatima... how r u.. ??
n how do u know i've chnged or i will change in the future the most?? but whtever i have changed alot ALHAMDULILLAH... yeh to sab ko pata hai to aap se kaise chupe gaaa
n yes,, say my salam to ur dear husband
take care Allah Hafiz

Maria said...

Assalam-o-Alaikum every1
how r u miss???n howz life?
nice answers n thanks for the honour...when do u come online??havnt talked to u for many months ...i hope all is well at ur end
take care
Allah Hafiz

Abbas said...

Asalam walikum miss.....
how r u i think u foret me mam us class me ma bhi pkarta tha hann maaa Abbas anyways how r u mam good to see u in this site
app ka bhai ko aik dafa dakha tha munjlis me socha baat karoon aur app ka hall chal pochun but bohat ruch tha so abhika liya itna hi talk to u later good bye
camra man mustafa ka sat app ka student Abbas aijazat chata hai
Allah nigaban

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