Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last Night's Mystery boxes!!

Posted by M. Mustafa Ahmedzai on 2:37 AM
Well guys Uzair, Abbas , Mohsin and I want to share something with you guys. I hope the pictures below may help to spot the knot. Just have a look at each picture below.

But do you really know what really was in it.
Watch it yourself

This attempt was made possible thanks to,

We are extremely delighted that Last night Shaheer brother insisted to add his name too to this list and we warmly welcomed him :)

Thank you Mky Bro for your love and cooperation.....Abb tho Hiba bhi Bolay gi, Monkey k bachayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Nahi choruuuuu gi.....:)


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Sadaf said...

far out musi...are u serious?! did tat box really had chappal and jharuu???
and man..these boxes are really huge! man... wish i was there!
and remember you promised me to put up wedding pics/video!!! Dont forget!! And yeah.by the way, i cant be online from my phone anymore cuz it doesnt like me anymore(it stopped workin)....ill update u soon okey? dnt forget to post those pics u promised!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on August 5, 2008 at 4:24 AM said...

I'll InshAllah. There are couple of picitures to be posted, so don't worry.
You will really feel as if you were with us in the wedding ceremony.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on August 6, 2008 at 12:43 AM said...

Maria and Mariam, you told me to add facebook and I did exactly what you said, But after what I saw there, Amna's profile I re-deactivated my account. My purpose of not joining facebook and orkut is clear, it always change my views about others. I am really disappointed with Amna and before I may know some other secrets about others, I prefer not using that studpid facebook.

Don't mind sis, but Honestly Allah ka shkar hai jaha hai us haal per shukar hai. I am proud that I chose friends like Maria, Paji, Uzi, Abbas, Mariam. I am sure they will never let me down. God bless you all.

Uzair said...

hey paaji... yar great gifts..
waisay itne paise contribute karne baad i hope u gave the chappal and jhaaro of great quality.. HAHA
i m damn sure hobo will love these.. aakhir kaar yeh uske roz use karne ki cheezain hain.. hahaha

Maria said...

zabar10 kya mind hai ap logo ka...:P
bht hi ache gifts hain specially that jharoo...hiba k bht kaam aye gee...ghar k kaam krne mai...wese tissue box to unwrap krk dena chahiye tha na..rukhsati mai kaam ata...hehehehehe

Maria said...

i didnt understand Mustafa....
that wasnt a sensible thing to do ...deactivating ur account just bcoz u didnt like sum1's profile...
tumhare account del karne se sb acha to nahi hojayega...
facebook is a nice site...ur rite that sumtimes it changes our views abt others...per ye to achi baat hai na atleast hame sb ko judge kar sakte hain...
nyway its up to ..if u dint like that site then dnt join...but do keep in touch thro this site ok?
best of luck for ur studies n future....

shaheer said...

maria its a better option that a person do things according to his better judgement... i dont know what he found intriguing there but its better not to get his friendship disturbed!!!
And mustafa brother you know it better than i do that we are not to judge books by the cover moreover the time v have spent together must not ever let us frickle an eye brow over the other on whatever one says or do!!!
MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!!!! or kisi say qata taluk mat karo (al Quran)

Maria said...

well ok....but i can guess wt he found so disappointing over there...nyway there is no point to discus this matter nymore as Mustafa wont use this site for a month as he said...

uzair said...

hey yar han he told me that he has to give his sat 1 & 2 pprs so he wont b able to update the site...
and u know wht wo to ghar se net hi nikalwa raha hai.. coz cannot stay away frm it untill there's no access to it,, haha

marium said...

nai mustafa plzz itna lamba off mat looo............be MATURE yaar zara control kerna seekhloo
net tu mat nikaloooooooo plz plz

tumharai dominatig comment bohat zaroori hain, aik month perh looo per off mt looo itna lamba ........

ooi uzair tum bolo na mustafa ko ...aur yeh MOHSIN BAIG kaha hai???

marium said...

baitai moin ko bola ya na bolao woh tu waisai hi mera body gurad hai aur tum n abbas uski aik PHOOONK kai hooo sirf.......heheheh

moin ko bola ker tum nai apni museebat ko bulaya hai...hospital mai room wagera book kervalooo...hahahahaah

marium said...

gher waloon ko dekhani hain tu pic kiyun send karain???????? tumhari niyaat saaf nai hai MR... nikallo ab tu nai send karoongi

Amna Shah said...

Mustafa i don't understand why you got so disappointed but I am extremely sorry! You don't need to deactivate your account because of me. I'll remove my pics. If you didn't like something about my profile there, u should have said it to me straightaway. Im sorry again. Take care! :)

And i cannot believe that u guys actually gave chappal and all that stuff to Hiba hahahahahahaha...poor hiba ;)

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on January 18, 2009 at 2:52 PM said...

Amna I m really sorry for what happened those days. I know I over reacted, I should have contacted you.

I would just say onething to all friends living abroad " Don't let that ugly culture spoil your Imaan"

Amna I was angered only with those party pics. I thought these pics were taken in a night club but later I came to know that it was a school party or something like that.

I know I have no right to force anyone to do what I like. My dear friend enjoy ur life, its all urs but I will always criticize you whenever I feel you are on a wrong turn! :) And that is my duty as a friend.

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