Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wohooo! A PageRank of One!

Posted by M. Mustafa Ahmedzai on 1:03 PM

I simply can’t understand what is making TECfun so popular day by day. I was just writing a comment at TEC-Forum when I coincidently looked at my Google toolbar and was amazed to found that our newly born blog has achieved a Google PageRank 1 out of 10 for its Homepage. See it your selves,


Now you may think what’s so great in getting a rank of 1 out of 10. A PageRank is Google’s view of the importance of that page, as you can see it in the snippet inside the image above. Now we have just started gaining popularity in World Wide Web and surely its encouraging. You might be a fan of a Pakistani website called , you may be thinking that it receives 1000 visitors from Pakistan alone. Go and check its PageRank, you will be shocked to know that it has a PageRank 0 out of 10 (0/10). has 3/10

I hope you are now satisfied with the load time of TECfun because I tried a lot to reduce it and luckily the load time did decreased tremendously.

I hope TNT by STC may also achieve its PageRank! Well another good news as I had mentioned earlier in my comments that TNT by STC is also the leading the row by dominating Google’s first page. Just write O Level Tricks and see it for yourselves.

Moreover to read the current reviews TNT by STC has received, Click Here!

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Patrick on May 16, 2009 at 1:12 PM said...

Man Great!

I worked day and night to get it just to gooGl3 1st page through exchange links but I always failed. Congratz!

I visit your TNT blog, its just awesome. I will be following your twitts

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on May 29, 2009 at 2:26 AM said...

PAtrick thks for encouraging but you will be shocked to know that my second blog TNT by STC which was published just a month ago achieved a PageRank 1.0 just within a month!

Two good News at once :D


Sadaf said...

its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(overdose of caffiene and chocolate)
goddddddddddddddddd its been agessssssss
and i just saw mohsin onlineeeeeeeee
where is everyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy singleeeeeeeee personnnnnnnn
koi haiiiiiiiiiiiii?????

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on June 3, 2009 at 9:03 AM said...

This is the question that is hovering in my mind every hour!
Forget about others , tell me where are you? You are commenting after 50 days and asking where is every single person? Funny isn't it?

Some say they are busy? Well really?
I teach students 3 hours every day, go for internet classes for 3.5 hours, go to gym for 3 hours ever day, offer my prayers that takes 2 hours (Fajr to Isha) That equals 11.5 hours but I still have 4 hours to sit and write posts for my readers and log into 6-10 social media accounts like facebook, twitter, stumble upon, youtube etc and talk to my friends and readers. But I will never say I am so busy that I can't leave a single comment!

I am fed up of all this stuff, if you guys are really busy then I guess I must delete this blog right away, why am I wasting my time, updating it?????

Abbas said...

salam everyone hi saddy n pagi
hey good u see u saddy after a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg timeeeeeeeeeeeeee u knw u r a fox msging after a long time n blaming us hehehehe wooo brilient anyways i realy happy to see u here n by hearing that u r busy keep it up bachi manat kar rahi hai hamara naam raoshan kare gi

n pagi dont think ever that u should delete this site aby yahi site to apne international doston se bat karne ka zarya hai itne kahobsorat to ye hai nahi ka in se msn par bat karen i mean kabhi msn par nazar hi nahi ate i think due to time difference so this is the only 1 channel to meet them to meet saddy mary n ofcourse mine urs ours theeeeeeeeeeeeee monkey man hay where is he sala sub se bizi to jase yehi hain

hey guys my pprs r over now lets just rock
its party time n i hope that all ll be here shortly n u knw guys amna was here in pak last week n i talked to her n she gon now
so keep in contact especially saddy u n n n bye talk to u later tc

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on June 8, 2009 at 12:19 PM said...

W/salam Abbas,

Congress that your exams are over at last!

And don't worry sometimes I feel dizzy and leave nonsense messages, you know me :)

Wesay what did you mean by "especially saddy" kaminay mai special nahi kya :D

Abbas said...

hahahaha jani naraz kun horaha hai tu to jigar ka tota hai hahaha n sorry i vent came yesterday due to some reason but i ll definatly come today

yar ye sub log kamine kontact nahi kar rahe hai especially.................. hehehehe pagi in sub ka bare me aik zabardast report tayar kar hahahahaha

Sadaf said...

me againnnnnnnnn
studying for end of semester exams!!!!!!!!!!!
and i miss you too abbas!!!! and musi aap toh kaha tha aap nay? yeh blog delete kardain gay? aaisi ghustaaki ki sazaa yeh hai kay hum jaisay loug aap say bilkul baat nahin karain gay(under the condition tat u actualy delete it)
i completely agree wit u abbas kay koi msn par hota hi nahin hai...yaheen par sab say baat karnay ka mauqaa milta hai
so mustafa jee plz aaisa nahin kijiyay ga
okey me go kill my life studyin biochemistry..i curse the day i chose to do it
and enjoy ur free time abbas! i cant wait for my exams to start and get over as soon as possible...i hate 2nd year..
sab ko salaaam
aur dhair sara pyarr!

mariummoez said...

assalamo alikum DEREST chotooooon, motooon,parhakooo,etc etc friends...

HOPEFULLLY sun fit hoooongain exams r over today....... did well in two but taxation n financing nai sara mooood kharab kerdiya!!!!!! anyyyyyyway, i wont say sorrry for not posting any comment n i wont even give u any reason for both things, ie y i didnt post any comment n y im not saying sorry!!!!!!

aur sunaoooooo abbas koi nawee taizeee, aaaj kul tu mere jobbhi nahi, wil INSHA ALLAH start from abhi chill out kernai k din hain, sahi zabardast thanda mausam hai yahan, khooooooooooooob enjoy kertai hain...

aur bhi koi kuch bolai, sadaf hows ur studies going on??? hows hibas daughter, do u kno wher name?? aur mustafa r u studying something atm o just teaching n busy in other stuff which i really appreciate...wheres mohsin ???wht hes upto??? i guess most of us got exams session tats y v must b busy per ab INSHA ALLAH for couple of months i'll b regularly posting something...

ooooooooooooooooook dude, c u guys, tc
assalamo alikum

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on June 10, 2009 at 12:24 PM said...

Hello everyone!

For the past few months I am reading articles on human psychology. And have also experimented several times on how to capture human minds and observe how humans react to that. Luckily my fist experiment went successful. Everything went as planned. The email that prompt you of blog deletion was actually a joke and just a joke. I don't have that guts to have ever think of deleting this blog after struggling for it so hard. But believe it or not, humans are funny :D I am amazed to see the dead species of TECfun attacking me like flood with their comments! hhehe.

I am glad to see you all here again. I just want you guys to stay connected forever even after marriage (Don't become Shakeil Bhai)
I am happy that everything is going fine at your side. Keep commenting, smiling and yes keep experimenting for the result is always fruitful :D

Suddu and Marium bhai ko huggy and Abbas ko pappi. Take care. Da khudaya Pa Amaan (Guess what that mean, its Pashto :D)

mariummoez said...

tats wonderfull....friends like u ralways motivated, im free for couple of months so im thinking to start reading a book, Minhajul Qasideen, its an islamic boook, ive read few of the chapters back in pakistan, i brought it with me but unfortunately never read it....anyyyyyway if u get time reading is the best thing to utilize ur time n poool ur knowledge!!! so mustafa wht else u read in human psycology?? wht biks u read?? how looong uve beeen reading it??

Sadaf said...

hey mussiiiii
not fairrrr
do u know its the second time u have used the same excuze for writing that u are experimenting???
coz i remember you did i last time tooo wen we sort of stopped
i dnt like you! hehehe

Sadaf said...

and trust me even im completely out of contact frm shakeel bhai
i didnt call ANYONE in past five months..absolutely NOOOOOOOOO one and NOOO one called me too... :(

Sadaf said...

and i misss you momoooooooooooooooooo

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on June 13, 2009 at 6:29 AM said...


Don't get too serious with my Psychology study. Everyone in Pak has become a Psycheiatrist from President to Peon. Well To be honest I just read articles at And has helped me a lot.

Hey Suddu When did I experimented the second time? Do you mean that Sir Brendon thing? :D
Yes I did experimented with him by writing a post on him and my God he commented like an impatient commentor.
Wesay yeh Hobo k bachi nay acha nahi kya. Muje Lagtha hai Marium bhi shadi k baat hamay bool jayeh gi :(
and Yes .....................the Good news.......................Shaheer is Engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!......hahahahah...
Akhir isay bhi mil hi gayi.
Shahheer beta thum shadi k baat bool nahi jana.
Or aj kal Mai Amna ki engagement k khabray bhi sun raha hu. Kya chal raha hai yeh sub. I am happy to be saved :D

mariummoez said...

i miss u tooooo sadaf, i'll call u sooooon INSHA ALLAH, may b within a weeek o so, then lambi gap shap hooogi INSHA ALLAH!!! anyyyyyyyyyyway mustafa u never know wht ppl get into once they r married, hiba is all alone in foreign ccountry ONLYwith her husband n now her lil princes baby, so i wud say k is mai hiba ka koi qasooor nahi, us k circumstances aisai hain k woh ziada time net per anai sakti n i think she dont use net that much to reply mails o post something here....

well i wont say bigger words but INSHA ALLAH i'ld try my best to b in touch for as looong as posssible, n after that plz NO COMPLAINS, i'll b still misssing all my m8s, n u'll always b part of my duaaaas n im sure im part of ur duaaas as well....

well well CONGRATES to shaheeeer minister, Allah tumko BOHAT khush rakhai aur bhabhi ko tum sai ZIADA khush rakhai, whos she?? wht she do??whn u getting marry INSHA ALLAH?? aur achanak kaisai hogaya???

amna bhiii, wohooooooo!!!! AMNA do let me know yaaar, INSHA ALLAHi'll come in ur wedding o engagement ceremony....

mustafa tumko BARI khabrain hain yaaaaaaaaar, i reallly love ur idea of creating this blog c, how much v r in touch masha allah....wheres my dearest friend MIRZA MOHSIN, im misssing u mohsin , kaha hoo yaaaaaaaaaaaaar??? mera msn kharab hogaya hai , i know u tried to chat to me but i cudnt, n im really sorrry for that!!!!
wheres uzi, sarooosh,maria,abbas,shaheer,amna?? comon yaaaaaaaaaar, ab tu vacations hooongi almost sub where r u guys??? im shifting to leeds this june , leaving this STRESSFUL city, LONDON...FEDUP now!!!!!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on June 13, 2009 at 3:20 PM said...

Deka marium, Shaheer kitna Chupa Rustum Nikla. Shuru say hi Sala Uncle dik tha tha, ab tho Chacha lagay ga hehe.... I suspected him to be engaged from the day I met him in class 8.

Abbas said...

abay sala phaki marraha hai koi shaheer ki setting nahi hoi aur na hi amna ki

kis ko mamu banaraha hai i ve talked to amna 2 weeks ago frm my own cell n she is still single n shaheer too .............

n marium atney lambe lambe mails mat kia karo pharhe nahi jate by the way pagi i cant believe that aik dum se sub tapak pare hahahahaha

saddy y r u complaining tht no buddy call u v dont have ur no hehehehe nor v have marium no so how can v contact but u ppl have ours ...............

n pagi me ne bhi aik experiment kia hai me ne aik alag kism ka aloo banane sikhe hain hehehehe

Babar said...

umm wat shud i say? oh yes my theme song
guess who's back, back again...
Babarz back..terrefic..(may b not) khair
how you all doin?
sorry couldn't make it there guys
Abbas did inform me but i had an injury in my right tricep so yupp im almost near the bed..
got a lot to talk about..or probably ill stay shut wen around but ppl!!!
it feels so good to be back!!
had a hectic life and wen i come here im relaxed :)

Babar said...

And hey mustafa
Don't get mad
we do get here
wo kia kehtay hain..daer se aye peer durust aye
we come once in a blue moon but we do come don't we??
I guess this blog is our only hope to be around..
no doubt you've updated it well
ill meet you as soon as possible..
I really need a break and as there has been change in plans..
but the bottom line is...
Do Not delete Da Blog
Save Humanity and Support The Wildlife
(watever that means)

Babar said...

and Abbas let me know wen the experimented french fries are ready :)
I love aloo as long as its cooked
pata chala cheelney ka kaam mje dedo :P
And Im damn sure shaheer is single..he is going nowhere soon...
waisay ghayab tu pata date maar raha ho..
or survey the never know wen u slip over a banana peel and there you see the banner VOTE FOR ME!
And miss Amna..aah wat shud I say...
achanak Hi orkut se ghayab hui and never got across her..
Naah I dont miss her..dont get the wrong msg here..I miss her scrap! :P she always used to keep em full n loaded (no offence) hehe

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on June 20, 2009 at 3:08 AM said...

Hey Babar Salam dude! I thought I lost you but you still pop-up once in a while. I really enjoyed your comments and felt as if we are together. Don't worry boss the authority of this blog is in your hands and I am just a servant serving the wildlife endangered species hehe.....

I am sorry to hear that you are suffering through an injury. How come you have it in your tricep, kahi gym tho nahi ja rahay? :D Be careful with heavy dumb bells.

Well I am not kidding Shaheer Uncle and Madam Amna are both engaged and feel shy to share the gud news :D

Oye doosray Munday kaha hai???? Uth jawo sub don't make studies a burden you nerdy book worms!! Babar you and I are happy to be safe for a studies....hahahahha

And yes the entertaining news, Uzi, Paji and I drove a Horse at the beach....hahahah....Maza agaya... Uzi's horse was as slow as Mohsin's crappy Desktop Computer!..Paji though paid 50 ruppees for the ride , he drove the horse outside the limited drive range, the horse man was yelling at him like hell but Paji was almost pretending to be deft and was imagining as if he was riding a uni-corn...But the moral of the story is:-------------MAn how muscular is this giant animal!:0 No doubt Horses deserve the true title for being the most powerful specie on Earth.
Paji has almost pissed himself when the horse started to run at his full speed hahahhahahahah...................

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on June 20, 2009 at 3:13 AM said...

OoPps! I forgot onething, We were driving and Abbas just watched as a spectator. Thks God he didn't take the ride.....................Jab Mohsin k saath wo ho gaya tho Abbas k saath kya hotha?..haha

And yes Ali Sukait did gave a good company to Abbas...........They both were a good audience.....Oh God! when will these kids get their Pants On and be daring living humans! ---Abbas tappi na?? haha

Babar said...

That sounds as if I really missed something..
I think Mohsin should wear a T shirt saying May God have mercy on ur souls..Cuz I won't
I bet Abbas ki tappi hogi..the last line was a challenge to you Abbas
kal se pant pehen ke dikhan dena mustafa ko that u are a living human!! and have right over this earth don't worry my friend Iam here to support the wildlife oops! I mean humnans ..
well Mustafa..guess what?
Ive totally recovered from the injury..
yes it was on da tricep.. not cuz of the dumble it was something real stupid..I was sliding down the railing of the stairs and slipped , the first thing that hit the tricep..khekhekhe..
Thanks to Allah hhaddi bach gayi..
khair its all ok doc. says I can go back to the gym n all ..
hey mustafa..Ill pass Rameez the link
he wanted to come up just add his name to da list too..
after all! he was our class mate..and was good to me at least :)
khair..ill be back soon t.c and ya one more thing,,,Pakistan zindabad (great victory by the pakis..we really deserved it this time )
May Allah bless us and our country with the best

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on June 24, 2009 at 6:26 AM said...

AOA Babar!

Thks Goodness Hadi back gayi! heheh Be careful while going down the stairs, those rails really forces someone to take a slide but you know the sliding fun often ends with a broken bone (Not in your case lol!)

Hey are you talking about Rameez bhai? I can't forget that day when he pointed at the school window and said "Abhay wo daik kabutar urr raha hai" lol!

I would love to add his name. Tell him to comment as soon as possible. I am dying to talk to him.

Abbas said...

hehehehe pagi tu wakahi pathan hai hahahaha brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr or pathan hi rahega n dont force me to use the other word which we usually use for u ppl once again brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr n babar u lost the bet as usual bachy meri itni asani se nahi tapti or wo bhi tap jab mare samne 2 babies hoon jn ko tapana atahi nahi 1 is pathan n other is ........................ hahahahahaha
sorry hati to nahi

actually i had only 110 rupees at that day n all the money takes by tulla so i was with empty pockets otherwise i would show them the real riding bc i ve done horse riding alot in my life

Abbas said...

n wht i m listening that shaheer n amna is engaged whn they didnt told us man crap how they can do that they didnt even bother to inform us ;)

Asif Iqbal on June 26, 2009 at 12:05 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai said...

Uff My God meri tho tap hi gayi......!!!!

Abbas kya joke suna rahay thay first message mai?

Man yes I am a proud pathan, for pathans have always brought happiness to Pakistan like Nuclear power (Dr. Qadeer khan), Scoush World Cup (Jahangir khan), Cricket World Cup (Imran Khan) and now T20 World Cup (Yunus khan, Afridi, Umar Gul)...what have you brought??..........................:D

Stop calling us akhroat and start eating it and develop some guts.

This hard message was for people like Abbas only not for my other cheetah friends :)

Abbas said...

tapi tapi tapi tapi tapi tapitapitapitapitapi
hati hati hati hati hati hati hati hati
i can smell it hahahahahahaha
yaar tumhari itni hatgi gai tum ap famous pathan ga sahara lerahe hoo i m shocked
tumhari hati gi ye mujai maloom tha par inti zada hat jai gi ye nahi maloom tha haahahahahaha i call akhroat like u ppl not like imran khan n afridi samaj ai mune n stop defencing urself by taking big names
hahahaha i cant stop my laughing n by imagining the situation whn u had written that msg how emotional u were while writting i can judge it brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Abbas said...

one more thing my friend u want to know wht we brought we brought our beloved country on the world map

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 1, 2009 at 12:16 PM said...

Yar is bachay ka koi jawab do.

I wonder when will this crazy fox grow up?
What a statement "we brought our beloved country on the world map" I used to write these when I was still too small for my pants.:P

Abbas sonay say pehlay dood pi lena

(The above comment is given by Mustafa while in state of dizziness)

Babar said...

I gotta give it Abbas he did try to do a good job going on Pathans...but Mustafa defended it completely...
Abbas u chose the pathan topic at the wrong tym..specially ryt after the t 20 thing..I guess its due to pathans we have that cup..warna hum usi rehm o karam pe thay..we brought our country on the world map..just like saying bachay paida kardiay,,beta usko paalna b hota hai,,,
u brought the country but did nothing to save it!
khair..the brrrr thing is awsum..khekhekhe
n trust me Abbas we arent even trying yet warna as long as tapana is concerned..
Abbas has a crush on pathans i guess..
r u dat desperate buddy?
ab bol beta

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 9, 2009 at 7:52 AM said...

Salam Babar,

Man leave Abbas! He is always hyper active deficient! {Oops)

Thum sunawo, kya ker rahay ho? Did you join a uni?

Sadaf said...

i got my results back
and guess wat my marks were
37, 49, 50, 51
i failed dropping it....but the 49 one they are passing me..its biochemistry(adv)
ab bataao...main baith kar roo ya nahin?

Sadaf said...

aur mujhay abhi tak yeh pathan waali guftagoo samajh main nahin aayee...
yahaan par kuch jagaah lebanese vs punjabi(indian only) jhagraay big gangs and punch ups...but me safeeeeeeeee

Sadaf said...

and and and marium and waqas are back in contact with meeeeeeee
by the way...salaam

Sadaf said...

dnt ask me where shakeel bhai is..
and mohsin kabhi kabaar apni shakal msn par dekhaa detaa hai

mariummoez said...

shakeel bhai is in khi with her lil princes n her hubby back in muskat....shes enjoying her time n i TALKED to her on fone AFTER A YEAR MAN,she has NO ACCESS to internet so she cant b in contact with her on soooooo glad i talked to her, sadaf jaani,i'ld call u this weekend INSHA ALLAH so b ready,heheh

n wht about waqas,wht hes upto??? where hes staying??? y he is not here with us in our GUP SHUP WINDOW??? sadaf u answer these qustions...

aur baqi looooog kahan hain,mohsin tu UNIQUE hai is liye SIRF MSN per offline msg per milta hai n i have NO COMPLAIN with him, wht about uzi,shaheer,maria,sarooosh,sir brendon??? so mustafa bro aur kuch sunaooo??

ive shifted to dewsburry from LONDON now....wud take admission in BPP college INSHA ALLAH n got my job transfer here in leeds,aaaj kul staying with phuppo n wud get our new home within a week is SHUKR ALLAH...

assalamo alikum

Abbas said...

o my God babar tumne to meri hatadi hahahaha brrrrrrrr same to u akhrot oops i mean pagi hahahaha

pagi tuje to bohat ghare lagii hai that y ur radio is on on n on hahahaha
n babar u r owsome man zabardast good try but try it on our little bro he will show u his red face hahahaha

babar i guess u spents alot of time with akhrots thats y u ve a crush on them thats not me
ab samaj aya tum modling kis ka sath karte the

Sadaf said...





mariummoez said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I AM not....pagal larki, its just a ENGLISH wedding n INSHA ALLAH i'll go for proper islamic nikaaah n shaadi next year...
sahi bhudhoooo hoooo tum stupid

Rameez said...

well well! lagta hai aap sab to mujhe bhool he gaye.............

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 21, 2009 at 2:21 AM said...

Oye Rameez my friend, meray dost kaha tha thu? How can we forget someone whoes Dance moves still puts a smile on our face and that statement "Abay wo dek Kabutar ur raha hai" hehe..

Welcome Rameez, its pleasure to have you here.

Marium what is English wedding?

Rameez said...

hahaha i remember that!! bas yar mein bahria university sey bba kar raha hun tum sunao

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 23, 2009 at 12:59 PM said...

Great! I am also doing B.Tech from Farigh University..

Man I always knew you will go for BBA.

Babar said...

English weddings? Is is that wedding in which everyone has to speak English?, if that's the case Im sure Sir Brendon is missing out something he always wished to see us all do..Speak only in English hehe..
Or may be its that English wedding which I saw in the movie American wedding :)
watever botttom Line Marium is gettin married Marium is gettin married and we r not invited?
Good to c Ramtser finally found this page!!,
and yupp Abbas bhai lets play a new game..heads I win Tails u lose savvy?..
and Mustafa..bhai Im late in everything dude..but yupp fighting as usual..Ill be in some uni by next year dude..
long tym haven't met anyone..just let August pass by ill be free like anythin

babar said...

English wedding?..I guess its where evryone only speaks English...
If that's the case then i guess Sir Brendon is missing out somethihng he always wanted to see us speak English!
or may be its that english weeding which I saw in the movie American Wedding:)
the bottom line is...marium's gettin married..marium's gettin married and we are nt invited! ?
and Abbas bhai..let's play a new game..oho anxious?..heads I win Tails u lose savvy?,
Ramster congrats you finally found da page!! wohoo!..
Mustafa I guess Im a lil late in everything but yupp next year ill be in uni..
t.c ppl

Mirza Mohsin said...

A.Salam.... to alll.... yaar pait mein dard hoo raha hai.... since last three days... continous loose motions frm last nite...:-[ didnt even went to Uni .... its only Mirza Mohsin n restroom since lastnite... hhhuhhh.....

Sadaf said...

salaaaaaaaaaaaaaam people!

i relaised kai kaafi arsaay say mainay apni haazri nahin dii aur sub log achanak chup ho gaye hain...depressing...

Mohsin aur marium say mairy msn par baat kuch din pehlay hi howee thi...and vicky is out of action...abbas say kabhi kabaar baat ho jaati hai...but thats about it..aur koi msn par aanay ki zehmat hi nahin karta..

and heyyyy your birthday comin on 8 august or 9august????

me set and me fine...asusual nothing new at all
sab apnaa hayaal rakhain and sab ko salaaaam
and sir brendon was really sick for a month he had Hepatitis E, now hez recovering and is in better shape
take care!! Allah hafiz

mariummoez said...

walikum assalaaaaaaaaaaaaam to sadaf...

and assalamo alikum to everyone...
im gud alhamdulillah, ENJOYING ALOT shukrallah, and i dont really miss u guys except hiba shakeel,sadaf and mohsin.....ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYS sub kahan gayab hain???maria,uzi,abbas,mohsin,mustafa janab,sarooosh,amna aur shaheeer minister where r u all???????? im TOOOOO GLAD inshallah i am going to meet my dearest mum dad AFTER ONE YEAR ,wohoooooooooooo they visiting us in ramzaaan ISNHA ALLAH inshallah!!!!!!! rest is fine n cooooooooool...

best of luck to everyone for everything...keeep worshipping Allah, and make me part of ur duas five times a day...

did anyone hear something about the destruction in 2012??? its planet X and soooooooooooo much interesting stuff about on u tube about it theres a MASSIVE stuff,documentries,videos etc etc about it...

and yes i know sir brendon was ill and shukrallah hes much better now MAY ALLAH give him good health,hes still bachelor hehee just kidding...

ok dukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss....c u sooon then!!!
take good care

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on September 2, 2009 at 3:44 PM said...

salam everyone and Ramadan Mubarak!

I am sorry I just opened tecfun after a month. I am teribly busy these days with my other blog which have successfuly been purchased by me :D

I named it

Also purchased one for O Level stuff which is still under construction entitled

I am really enjoying the Ramadan, hope you too.

Take care and yes I am missing everyone except Marium :P

Sadaf said...




oh well...sab kay liyay dhair saari duaain and dhair saraa pyaar.....leken plz eidi nahin maangnaa..hum khud line main kharaay howay hain...

sab apna khayaal rakhain aur ab achay bachhay banaay rahain..(key to get more eidi)

Allah hafiz

Abbas said...

walikum salam saddy

eid mubarak to u n all of u who r abroad

we ll make eid tom inshallah ie monday

n i guess i havent comment since july o my god so its being a lonnnnnnnnnnng time to talk to all buddies but m back n wish u a very happy eid mubarak

n ya ofcourse saddy v ll collect eidi its our right hahaha but not more than u.u ll earn in $ hehehe so enjoy this eid alot n remember us especially me n me n me in this eid :)

God bless us all
Allah hafiz
pakistan khappy khapy
new nara introduce by zardari hahahaha

shaheer said...

assalam o alikum and Eid Saeed Mubarak!!!
aal my frands and my baddies who r the sole of my heart, my head during a headache, i wish u aal a wonderful eid... and a lot of eidi!!!!
I hope u enjoy a blessed eid after the long blessing month>>>>
and y do u guys keep on changig the place u comment...
i thought i was the last person who commented untill i saa this page full of bull____!!!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on September 20, 2009 at 2:58 PM said...

Hush hush hush ......................................................................................................................................................

The Breaking News...........Its EID Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D This will happen to you too when surrounded by 17 news Channels.

I love, I hate and I miss everyone of you. I wish you guys were here. I can't forget that get to gather when suddu was leaving. We had fun that day.

I wish that you may get BIG EIDIES this year and send me my share via DHL. MAy Allah bless you ALL with big notes and wide-open cheeks like Shaheer's :D


mariummoez said...

assalamo alikum warahmatulaahe wabaraka tu hooo...

EID MUBARAK to everyone...May Allah accept ur worships ,answer ur All jaiz duaas n bless u ALOT n ALOT!!!

miss u all..

n ive got a goood news.merai liye khaaas duan kerna sub looog cos INSHA ALLAH, INSHA ALLAH mera nikaaah honai wala hai this weekend cos my parents r here theyve decided to do nikaaah in this trip aur next trip main which wud b sooooon i'll get marry inshallah plzzzzzzzzzzzzz BOHAT sarain duain aur busssss duaooon ki zarooorath hai SUB KI TARAF sai

shaheer said...

salam friends!!!
congrats mariam.. my prayers and wishes r with u...
It is gonna be an amazing day InshaAllah...
enjoy and please dont cry like little babays..

Well my friends i just read the part of conversation on this page and i would like to clearify that shaheer sahab is still totally single and ready to mingle...
So mustafa knock it off bro...

Musatafa can u please tell me things that have beem going on like:
sir brendons illness
sadaf party
shakeel in pardes
the donkey ride
and your blogs.....
What r u planning to do boss..
r u going t be the KIng of the blogs or what...
Well congrats to u on your new blogs..

i hope u acheieve wat u wish man...
i am busy like hell...
please pray for me guys i really need them....

Baqi tamam khawateen or hazrat ko mera assalamoalikum or duain...

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on September 24, 2009 at 4:08 AM said...

w/salam Marium and Shaheer,

WOw! Marry is going to Marry and is going Crazy..:P My Duas are with you little sis, don't cry you have alot of brothers to defend you if your becoming husband turns violent....but I hope he is as sweet as you are.......May Allah Rabul alameen bless your nikaah and marriage with happiness and ever lasting joy......Jeethi raho or ha shadi k baad bool nahi jana.

Shaheer my bro, you have turned caring and loving the day you left for USA and that's a good change bro...

Well I really don't know anything about Sir Brendon, because I really don't catch time to open a messenger. Though I use google talk frequently.

And yes sadaf seems happy as far as I can observe her comment news from Shakeel's side......though talked to hobo on first of EID and she complained that I have abandoned her!

As far as Donkey ride is was actually a horse ride bro :D UZI, Abbas, Paji and I visited sea site and decided to have a horse ride.... Paji and I had fun riding.....Uzi looked terrible while riding...his horse was not moving at all hahaha....though he was beating him like hell using a rope.....And yes the best part.....Abbas was so much afraid that he even didn't come close to the horse and stand as a spectator at the sea shore...............Paji as usuall kaminapan tho chorain gay nahi.....he took the horse elsewhere and the horseman was running after him like hell heheh..

My blog My Blogger Tricks .Com is doing really good AlhamdullilaH with its worthing reaching really high. I am enjoying the visitors and my routine unique posts. Successfully designed my first blogger template and am really happy with everything going on... Need your duas and of everyone else....Special one from SAddy and MArium because I prayed for Saddy's good exams in past and Marry's good life

BABAR said...

hey everyone
shesh i know i was out of touch fr a long time...
but im here..
and guess wat?..yahan kuch nahi badla...i didnt missed anything much...its tyhe same..depressing
i was expecting news..
khair..its tha same here,,nothing much..
hope to catch u all soon t.c

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