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The Truth about News Channels in Pakistan

Posted by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on 6:15 PM
Just a year ago Mohsin was arguing with me that some News TV anchors in Pakistan are paid 25 laks a month just for a single programme they host. I told him that he needs rest! Just after three weeks of that argument I received an e-mail saying that many news channels in Pakistan are ran by Jews and Jews fund them, among which are GEO TV. Anchors like Kamran khan, Shahid Masood and Hamid Mir are paid 20-25 laks a months!!!!.....................This is there monthly salary for the programmes they host. My nerves stood on end and I could not believe the words I were reading. I continued researching further as to why Jews would fund a channel in Pakistan and Pay so heavily to TV anchors belonging to a Muslim country.
Whenever I find a good topic to talk on, I simply rush into my room, I close the door and I start talking to myself. I ask questions from myself and I answer them myself. I know I am a bit psycho type person but this is how I am.
One day I was discussing a topic on Accelerating Growth of News channels in Paksitan in my study room, which went like this:

Me: Mr.X can it be true that Jews are funding some News channels in Pakistan?
Mr. X: Friend Jews are so much dominant on the open Market today that almost all leading companies and businesses belong to them. They are ruling almost everything in the world from politics to media. They will fund anything that will serve their motives so why not Paki channels!
Me: Wait……. you just said “serve their motives” now what do you mean by that?
Mr.X: It’s very simple to understand: Jews are inborn foes of Muslims. They can never accept a Muslim ideology, way of life and code of conduct. They are known worldwide for violating Muslim rules and regulations and not just Muslims but whole world. They always have a fear that if Muslims will come to power the first thing as predicted by their scriptures is that Muslims will crush Jewish Power and State. From an early childhood a Jew is thought of the danger he can face with a Muslim. According to their scriptures Palestine and Persian Gulf and Some Parts of Arabia are Jewish inheritance and these territories are gifts to them from there god. That’s why they are expanding there population across the borders of Bait-ul-Muqadas [ Palestine ] and shedding blood of thousands of Palestinian Muslims so that they may be compelled to handover Palestine to Jewish autocracy. But they are not able to fulfill this dream of occupying gifted holy lands because they are opposed by Muslims all over the world.
Me: Now how is this story related to my question?
Mr.X: I am coming to your point, just be patient.
Since they are facing world wide Muslim opposition, they have turned to ask for help from Christian and other non-Muslim states. They are now playing political roles in Dominant countries like USA. There are more powerful and renown Jew politicians and Businessmen than are the Christians. They have conquered Media like internet and TV. They have 24-hr broadcasting news channels like Fox News and CNN. They are the super- authority in internet, all famous services like dominant GOOGLE , YAHOO belongs to them. They can see each word that you type online! Do you know why Fox News is band in Pakistan?
Me: hummm…..No I don’t
Mr.X: Its band because it broadcasts instigating news about Muslims 24-hrs a day.
Me: Then why isn’t CNN band?
Mr.X: Just because it broadcasts ‘provoking Muslim news’ seldomly.
Me: Why isn’t Pakistan banning CNN? It too provokes Muslims by calling Muslim Schools as radical institutions and by calling Mujahideen as terrorists. Whenever someone commits a crime they name the person by his first and last name but when a Muslim commits it, they strike his religion by saying “ A Muslim was witnessed doing this and that………..”
Mr.X: Just because Paki Government is ruled by people who believe more on Vampires like USA than on God Almighty. They have soled their faiths and blinded themselves. They too are now a part of Jewish Lobby. That’s why people in Pakistan kill one another to get a post in Government because it’s a department where you can do whatever you want. For example if you become a Paki PM or President, you can build Palaces for yourself anywhere in the world by sucking the blood of poor and ignorant Pakistanis. And when you have completed your period of President ship or Prime Minister ship you can escape to your luxurious palaces abroad and will not at all be questioned for any crime you committed during your period of president ship. The Jews will welcome you with flowers and jewels .
ME: So what Mr.X! He will be remembered as a traitor, and will be disrespected by all people in Pakistan.
Mr.X: hahha…..unfortunately the people of Pakistan are so kind that even if you kill and destroy thousands of lives you will be welcomed back after a year or two with Slogans such as “ Jiyeh Nawaz Sharif…………..Jiyeh Bibi……….Jiyeh Altaf……………and now………..Jiyeh Zardari” When People abroad read about our country’s situation they laugh at us…….A disgrace to all of us ………
Me: you are going out of track…..stick to the Topic.
Mr.X: a…..a… Sorry bro!, as I said our hypocrite leaders are smoothening the path for Jewish motives. Since Jews know that great majority of Muslim population live in Pakistan they are trying to astray the young generation towards things that may bring them closer to western way of life and let them feel shame of there religion and country. By doing this they can overcome the uprising wave of young Muslims in Future. They know that a Muslim with weak religious fundamentals is not a Muslim at all, and thus this will help them gain over Muslim Territories near Persian Gulf and then Finally towards the Holy Kaabah, which according to them is a land blessed to them by there god as stated in Torah.
They have already occupied Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq and now they are planning to occupy the land of Sahaba’s, IRAN and then finally the fort of Islam, Pakistan. 
Me: Now how is this related to News Channels in Pak?
Mr.X: Now I’ll arrive on this point. Tell me one thing how many states are there in USA?
ME: 50 

Mr.X: And how many are there in Pak?
Me: 4
Mr.X: Then how come USA have only 3-4 News Channels whilst Pak have 12-14 ????
After hearing this thing I went out of words…………Silence was what I faced.
Mr.X continued
Mr.X: In a country where people are dying of hunger….inflation is at its peak….Electricity no more exits…….Investment did end….100 people die a month due to terrorists acts……….then how come so many channels exit.
Me: Well channels do provide employment…
Mr.X: Employment to whom……The adult literacy rate in 2004 in Pakistan was 54% (male 66.25% : female 41.75%) (Source: Economic Survey of Pakistan
2004-05).And today it may be 55%, Read this data, adapted
Number per 100 population 2005: phones           12
Number per 100 population 2005: Internet users 7
News Channels require Journalist with command knowledge in their fields and a staff to run their media. Tell me how many people in Pakistan graduate as journalists in Pakistan.
It provides employment to only 2-5% of the population and what about the rest.
Me: But News Channels provide up to date knowledge about our country. We know everything that occurs within seconds. We are now bolder than we were in the past.
Mr.X: hahha…………This is what everyone thinks in Pakistan…..News channels provide Employment……..It educates people………It updates us every second……..It keeps an eye on every political person……… In fact on the basis of these mottos, news channels are increasing day by day. They all claim of providing things that I mentioned earlier, but in reality none seems to deliver that.
Me: Tell me the secret you are hiding ………
Mr.X: Now lets be crystal clear. From the day news channels were launched in an attractive way, more and more audience’s attention was drawn. News in Pak is represented in such an attractive way filled with graphics and animation that even children of 8-9 years of age , now love to watch a News channel. Rarely does our children today watch cartoon or other entertainment channels because the cable network is full of news channels. The moment they switch to next channel what they see is nothing but News. In short great majority of our population now watch news and thanks to these channels they now know a lot about Violence!
Many claim that it provides education…..I laugh at them…….Over the years the literacy rate in developed parts of Pak has increased only by 1.1% while it increased considerably in rural areas. Gilgit which is far less developed than cities in Punjab, Sindh and NWFP, has achieved a literacy rate of 1oo% !!!!! from 2005 onwards. Tell how many people in Gilgit have access to electricity. Did News Channels increased the literacy rate of their youth or is it the good news that they usually hear on award ceremonies , or is it the good way of saving time that they have adopted rather than wasting their precious time in watching Useless and Purposeless News Channels of Pak.
But what do these channels actually present, educational based programmes, educational documentaries, awareness about Deen, love to Pakistan, Love to Islam or is the story entirely upside down?
What do our children actually watch? Is it, Pen or Gun………. Ink or bullets……..bloods and tears or hard work and sweat……………Scientific Education or Education about TNT, explosives, child and women rapes………….. human corpses………….. human flesh……………human beheaded bodies……………..blood…………tears………..complains………..Talk shows based on science and technology, human history, world affairs OR Talk shows just about Stupid and corrupted Politicians in Pakistan. ………………
Are we receiving updated news about world or just Pakistan……….. what do we see in entertainment news?........Nothing but stupid news about porn Indian Film Industry…….
Crimes involving violence occur in large scale everywhere but no media ever shows the A-Z crime scene to the general public because they don’t want to violate the innocent minds of their young generation with horrifying videos and pictures but what happens in Pakistan is that not only the crime story is discussed in detail but they all show the crime blooded tools and crime location filled with blood and human corpses. They show blooded and burned human body parts live on their channels to our Children. Our children today know more about explosive devices and metal tools than they do about Science and technology. People now enjoy watching news on suicide bomb attacks. They are now more curious to know as to how many people died, how heavy was the bomb, and how the suicide plan was made. IT HAS BECOME A FILM SCENARIO IN PAKISTAN. News today is watched only because people today now enjoy hearing about who will die next! Every Pak child knows what mobile, TV, Car, vehicles, internet is but no body knows how these things are made and how they work.
Me: Yes you are right! Whenever we hear a breaking news on Suicide bomb attack , mom, younger sister and I leave everything and sit in front of the Tv to see what are the updates on Pak News Channels. I personally enjoy watching such breaking newses for hours and sometimes even forget to do my home work!
Mr.X: Tell me why every youngster of Pak today dreams of studying and living abroad despite living and studying in Pak. The answer is simple, our young generation have become fed up of this country, its culture, its people, and its Ulema’s, its corrupted Politicians and their lies. This heavenly abode as it once was is now marked as the “ MOST DANGEROUS NATION OF THE WORLD”, in world leading magazines like Time Magazine and News Week. But being a Pakistani, tell me is your country really that dangerous?
Me: No Mr.X not at all, we are just lost, that’s it.
Mr.X: Exactly! What made us hate our Culture, our people, our Trust on Ulema’s, our History, is only these News Channels, WHO SERVE ONLY TO SHOW THE BAD ABOUT US AND NEGLECT WHATS GOOD. What they show is only deteriorating our psychological stability. Depression, Isolation, frustration, hatred, selfishness, criticism, chaos and confusion is on its summit. The youth of Pak is losing trust on their country. Every literate Pakistani is in hurry to leave Pakistan as soon as Possible. Today more highly qualified Pakistani young gentlemen are serving Foreign Nations than serving their Homeland.
And this is what Jews dream to see, a Confused Muslim Nation, with its youngsters with no purpose in life, no attention towards Science and human development. News Channels serve only to show THE BAD ABOUT US. In short Most of these channels are ran and funded by Jewish Companies. This Business is bringing them jewels plus serving their religious motives.
I hope I made it clear. Take care , see ya
Me: Yes I am far satisfied with your info, thks for sharing your precious time. Take care you too :)

This is the topic which was hovering over my mind for months and today I felt that it’s important to share it with my brothers and sisters living in Pakistan. Please let me know how far you agree or disagree with this discussion. Your Comments are always welcomed.

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shaheer said...

man i wrote comments of about 6oo an essay but it eas not uploaded by saying an unknown error occured and the other time it said the wrong format!!!!
I was and m very angry that my such a mehnet was wasted!!!!
now wait for some time for my comments!!!

M.Mustafa Ahmedzai on October 13, 2008 at 9:18 AM said...

hehe really unfortunate brother!
This is because you guys spent half an hour while commenting . Comments written with 10 minutes are accepted other than that will require you to referesh the page. When ever you have completed writing the comment, copy and paste it on a wordpad, this way your comment will not be wasted.

I am extremely sorry for the inconvinience!

Sadaf said...

i dont even know wat to say yaar!
All of this is soooo truee...wish someone cud discuss this on t.v too but then again, as u said that news channels are really not ours in any sense, then wat will be the point?
And besides did u come up with all this?
so highly super impressed

M.Mustafa Ahmedzai on October 17, 2008 at 7:02 AM said...

Yeh its quite true sadaf that these news channels aren't ours for they belong to jews.
D. Hanzinski an ex-US Navy Petty Officer with contacts with the State Department and the American Jewish Committee (AJC)is the principle architect of GEO-TV, which is the most famous News Channel in Pak.

Now coming to the question as to how I drew my attention towards this topic is that I am one of Paki citizen who is suffering through all this nonsense/violence/blood/chaos being spreaded by these channels. I could not do anything against them practically but atleast I can speak against them in open public and aware those who aren't aware yet.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on October 24, 2008 at 11:58 AM said...

To further support my view about Geo Tv, plz visit the URL link given below. It will take you to the zone where the real face of one of GEo's Most popular host, Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, is exposed. And plz read the comments on this website , this will further open up your eyes.

The website is,

Copy it and past it in your browser.

Anonymous said...

hey mustafa...its seriously great yaar!!i mean it...i wonder where do u get the brains to actually think soo much..ppl usually dont bother abt all this at this age..i m really impressed!!n yea i agree with most of the things u have said..especially the part tht this country is not a place worth living n u shud move out as soon as u get a chance..n then ofcourse the jews r exploiting us in every way they can..n yea r u an anti-Amir liaquat as well?my brothers hate him as well...anyways i really enjoyed reading ur article...looking forward for sum more eye-openers like this one..take care...

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on October 31, 2008 at 2:04 PM said...

Yeh I am an anti-Amir Liaquat , he is simply .....

Fatimah its nothing so special, its just what the ink of my pen wrote. You all have something special in you but hesitate to write it down. Believe me once you write on something you ponder on, I promise after reading your own creativity you will say "Oh wow I dont believe my self, did I wrote that?" haha.......

Each one of us is special and intellectual. I love the youth of Pakistan and I love you guys, thats why I appreciate everyone to live and study abroad, bcoz its not the same Pakistan anymore. Our land is preoccupied with evils that worship money and luxury. Thats the reason why Earth Quake stroke us for the second time. Allah (Subhanawatallah) is merciful and he Loves those who understand His signs.

I know some of my friends are really patriotic and they will kill me for what I said about Pak but if you think practically and intellectually, you will begin to realize that Pak is no more an Islamic Estate where Laws are made based on the commandments of the Supreme Lord, Allah

My next post will be on Paki/Indian Film industry
Till then Allah Negay ban

shaheer said...

Hay mustafa man!!!!
Quite a commendable work of yours.....
truely appreciable!!!
These are the hidden, secret and yet visual!!!
It only require a vision to see them!!!
Its good but man let me warn that sometimes man go far beyond in hatred and start overlooking one own faults!!!

shaheer said...

Man whatever the conditions may be the bottom line remains that we are in fact being robbed by ourselves.... geo is run by a local group!!! so you shouldn't be hating jews for that!!!
Biggest problem of ours are the mir jafars and mir sadiq amongst our own ranks!!!!!

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on November 4, 2008 at 2:09 AM said...

I agree with you shaheer 101%.

The only thing that eats me inside is that we have blinded ourselves. There are black sheeps within us! May Allah flash the evil intentions of these morons.

I am happy that you guys are accepting the truth even when it is going against our own Homeland. Keep up this spirit brothers and sisters coz this is what Allah wants from us. The Shining Stars aren't far away, Darkness is soon to perish.

Abbas said...

salam brothers n sisters
my brother mustafa has written very well n im 100% agreed with him but one thing i disagree with him n the other guy named anonimious is that u said leave the country for the betterment
n mustafa agreed with u no man this is not the solutin for the problem running away frm the problems means u dont have guds to solve it
i ask u all if the others irritates u on ur religion than wht u should leave ur religion this is the solution in ur eye no man u will not do it but in the case of country u all do opposite u all want to leave it as quickly as possible
here u all oppose them but after leaving the country u forgets that u work for them u learn frm them
everyone is ready to work for them but noone is ready to work for the country if quid azam message was right if he was right than there should be someone to standup there should be someone to take action against it
but all think the same who will destroy his life for the country for his nation everyone wants a healthy income good job ahome a car n a wife thats it no body takes any action only criticise if u cant channge it u have no right to say bad about pak....

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on November 8, 2008 at 11:31 AM said...

AoA! Abbas,
Good to see that you commented too and shared your precious wordings with us.

I am happy that you love your country a lot and will fight for its peace and prosperity all your life. But you have forgotten one thing, that a nation’s peace and prosperity depends on its dwellers, the citizens, the native people, the Public. But the story here is just upside down, its the general public of Pakistan including the Educated and un-educated population who have sold their souls and faith and raise their voices for corrupt politicians who have occupied our peace and comfort. It is the same general public who are electing plunderers and robbers for the past 61 years.
When Fatima and I said that Pakistan is not worth living its not because we hate Pakistan but we hate some of the general public and the Pak Corrupted GOvt. We emphasized on living and studying abroad because this is what the Prophet Mohammad [ PBUH ] has commanded. He Said, if your are facing difficulties in life and in earing your livelihood so then either change your profession or change your residence.
I chose the second option, changing my residence, for I can’t change the psycho of Paki Public, which according to me is very difficult. I can not wait to see my younger sisters and brothers spoiling their faith by watching evil shown on Pak channels. I can not wait to see my people blinding their faiths by watching porn Indian Film Broadcasts. I can not wait to See my family learning the corrupted western life promoted by the media. I can not wait to see Shariah Law dieing and Western Rule and Law penetrating our Country, nation, Culture, Homes and Finally our Imaan.
What country are you talking about? The one who claims to be an Islamic Republic but at the same times does everything that Allah , The Great Lord, has Condemned. Brother I said Pak is not worth living because now My Family’s and your Family’s Imaan is in Danger.
Imagine about the young generation of Pak yet to come, what will they believe On, Allah or Shirk?
Now Plz don’t argue that your Imaan is in your hand , if you are strong enough then no flood can wash it away. For I know we HAVE ALREADY SOLD OUR FAITHS!!
Today we are surrounded by all kinds of evil, may that be the social and moral plunders, the worldly uncivilized acts, heinous and immodest ideologies , the growing interest in songs , sinful music , Haram Indian dances on TV, drug addiction , vulgar and indecent discussions on Media, fake advices by Fake TV Mulla’s., what else?
Its not just about Imaan, its also about Security. Today when I walk on Streets , I walk with fear, fearing as if someone will rob me and kill me just for a Mobile Phone. More than thousand people die a month in Pakistan due to street Crime.
Every single person here is in hurry to leave, you know Why? B/c they ARE TIRED OF TEACHING This Country Lessons of GOODNESS, PEACE, RULE AND LAW. Most Pakis today worship Money and those Stupid So-called Politicians. I don’t Hate my Home Land , I repeat I don’t hate Pakistan but I hate its People. You talked about Qaid’s Dream, I laugh at this, man they have even spoiled Mohammad’s[pbuh] Dream and you talk about Qaid Azam’s.
If Pakistan still exists on World MAP Today THAT IS ONLY BECAUSE SOME GOD LOVING PEOPLE STILL LIVE HERE! May Allah keep Protect and safeguard us from the Evil that HAS ALREADY REACHED OUR DOORS!

Abbas said...

mustafa has given a very good speech n to some extend i m agreed to him but there r some points which ive not agreed.i will give my answers in a sequence the points which mustafa mentioned first i will give it answer first n follow on.first of all he said that prophet(pbuh)commended that leave the country for the reasons he has mentioned but we have to see that there r some circumstances in which these reasons apply to a person i m agree as far as education is consurn but disagree to 2 option bcuz if u r educated u can earn in this country too!i m agree that we can not change the people's attitude but we can change ours n for this u dont need to leave the country u said ur siblings r spoiling here wht is the guarnte that they will not spoil there my dear friend ur family learning the corrupted western life promoted by the media than y u r going in the same place ?"I can not wait to see Shariah Law dieing and Western Rule and Law penetrating our Country, nation, Culture, Homes and Finally our Imaan". it will penetrate ur imaan at their region at a rapid rate. u said that my family n ur family imaan is in danger so ur family imaan will recover when they will go to amarica how?explain to me pls.i agree that we r surrounded by tha evils frm all over the places n frm all bad deeds too as u mentioned but the point is that the same situation will be there.u know the street crime is at top in u.s accourding to statitical data here u r afraid there should be more afraid bcuz the black will kill u just for a 10 $.
i know my talks r undiagestable but its the fact im not totally against off braindrain but taday pak need its educated people n they r going out with an intention to never coming back if we want we can change its system bcuz i belief in one thing

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on November 16, 2008 at 6:31 AM said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on November 16, 2008 at 6:52 AM said...

Abbas lets start with your first question, which is,
"u said that my family n ur family imaan is in danger so ur family imaan will recover when they will go to amarica how?explain to me pls"

you might have heard this statement
" A Muslim's Faith further strengthens when he lives amongst Non-Muslims"
This is a fact supported not by me but by thousands of Muslims living abroad, which includes my BRo-in laws, Uncles and friends.
In the land of disbelievers you become more Religious-Conscious and would try every possible mean to safeguard your Imaan and present it in a good way to others.
Let me give u an example,
Once a Muslim girl living in Canada was asked, that what’s the good thing that she liked about living in Canada?

She said " When I wear Hijaab my non-muslim friends ask me with amazement, " Why are you covering your face like this???" I reply with a
smile saying " I am practising Islam " and then they ask me what is Islam, I then start explaining my religion to them. And this is the thing that I love the most about here because in a Muslim country you will never get this Nobel Chance of Dawah. Once you explain ur religion to them and they understand it, its a feeling worth thousands of Heavens"

By going abroad, you will become more attach to ur religion and will get a chance to Guide the un-Guided Ones.

YOu said I am afraid to walk on streets b/c I fear that someone would rob me and kill me, and then you added that in US the crime rate is so high that the blacks can kill you just for $10. haha My dear even when I die in US, I can at least hope that the Court will bring my murderer to Justice, and would hang him to death on finding him guilty, but if I die in country like Pakistan where no Justice exists, my murderer would kill thousands of other innocent lives and would still be Alive to narrate his Evil story to others and will motivate others to do the same,....Kill and Chill!!!!!!

My friend you are talking about changing a Country, the psyche of 140 million people, you know why you think its very easy to do this, because your mind is full of impractical notions that come from Films and movies that u watch every day,,,My Brother!! Be mature, step out of the world of Imagination, and See life with Open Eyes. This IS WORLD MY BROTHER, A PRACTICAL REALITY, NOT AN ACTION MOVIE, MOTIVATING BOOK OR POEM.
NONE OF UR MOVIES AND BOOKS Have ever Given a SOLUTION TO THE EXISTING WORLD PROBLEMS, except the Book of ALLAH, which our Nation has almost Under-estimated.

When I say GO Abroad, it doesn’t mean that you may just Go to USA, UK or Canada, I mean a place where you can live Happily and a State which can guarantee you Peace and Security.

If u still wish to change Pakistan's Pysche and give lessons of truth and honesty to Aliens like ZArdari, Musharaf, Altaf Hussain..etc then ok brother BELIEVE on what Movies and Poetry teaches you and Continue living in a world where statement like this exists
Ask this person that I have a will to teach Paki leaders and Public, lessons of goodness and loyalty, now plzz tell me Sir, how can I do that? Plzz SHOW ME THE WAY? I am sure he will be Dumbfounded!!

When you Quote either quote the God or His Prophet Else don’t quote at all. This way you will understand the world more practically.
Take Care!

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