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Lets See What Sir Brendon Has To Say...

Posted by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on 2:55 PM
Welcome back to your old-naughty Class Sir!

You have tested us for almost two years at TEC with your complicated and Lengthy English Papers :), now its our turn to put you under a simple MCQ test.

Please carefully read the questions posed below and concentrate only on Questions not on my Enlish Grammar :) Plz answer each question precisley and with honesty

Give your answers by clicking the comments link and write your answers in this format,

Suppose for Q3. if you chose "None" to be the suitable answer then write as follows,
6. None

The Questions posed below are solely intended to entertain you. Please forgive me if this annoyed you in some manner.

Your Test starts now.......Best of Luck!

Q1. Whom will you choose as your beloved student amongst boys?

1. Abbas
2. Uzair Ahmed
3. Mohsin Mirza
4. Me! [ Mustafa ]
5. Babar [ Michael ]
6. Shaheer
7. Ali Sukait
8. Waqas
9. None

Q2. Whom will you choose as the Apple of your eyes?

1. Maryam
2. Hiba Syed
3. Sadaf Masood
4. Hiba Shakeel
5. Amna
6. Sarosh
7. Maria Ahmed
8. None

Q3. Whom do you prefer to have lunch with you at McDonalds?

1. Mariam
2. Maria
3. Hiba Shakeel
4. Paji Mohsin
5. Waqas
6. Abbas
7. Sadaf
8. Shaheer
9. Sarosh
10. Still thinking

Q4. Who is the smartest of all?

1. Abbas
2. Uzair Ahmed
3. Mohsin Mirza
4. Me! [ Mustafa ]
5. Babar [ Michael ]
6. Shaheer
7. Ali Sukait
8. Waqas
9. None

Q5. Who must reach a good Psycheatrist First?

1. Mohsin
2. Shaheer
3. Hiba Syed
4. Ali Sukait
5. Sadaf
6. Me!

Q6. Who is really boring and irritating?

1. George W. Bush
2. President Musharaf
3. Obama
4. Sheikh Rasheed
5. Name if any
6. All of them

Q7. Who can obey you at all costs?

1. Uzair
2. Abbas
3. Shaheer
4. Mohsin
5. Hiba Syed
6. Babar
7. Me!

Q8. Who will forget you forever in the near future?

1. Uzair
2. Abbas
3. Shaheer
4. Babar

5. Mohsin
6. Hiba Syed
7. Waqas
8. ALi Sukait
9. None

Q9. Whom will you always talk high of?

1. Shaheer
2. Mariam
3. Maria
4. Sadaf
5. Sarosh
6. Mohsin
7. Uzair
8. Abbas
9. Hiba Shakeel

Q10. Who disappointed you greatly, when and how?

1. Uzair
2. Abbas
3. Mohsin
4. Mustafa
5. Shaheer
6. Hiba Syed
7. Babar
8. Waqas
9. Sadaf

Q11. Who can be a good Politician...?

1. Shaheer
2. Maria
3. Sarosh
4. Mohsin
5. Mariam
6. Sadaf
7. Me!
8. Abbas

Q12. How will you translate " kya dimagh ki Dahi ker rahay ho...Chal Nikal!"

1. Good Work young you!
2. Wow what a site buddy.......Live Long!
3. You are making mustard of my mind......Get Lost! or You are eating me...Get Lost!
4. Haha what a creativity by my.....Dear student!
5. I don't know how to translate.

Q13. How will you Translate " Kyun Meri lenay per thulay ho?

1. I am really feeling proud to be your teacher
2. Your questions are really interesting
3. Why are you so kind to me?
4. Why am I feeling lucky today?
5. Why are you teasing me?
6. Why don't you come and dance with me?
7. I don't know

Q14. Who can be a good Comedian?

1. Uzair Chooza
2. Abbas , Punjabi Film Da Hero
3. Shaheer, Changa Manga's imported monkey
4. Mohsin Paji
5. Babar Michael
6. Hiba Shakeel

Q15. If you get a chance of winning 10,000,000 Million PKR, what will you do with it?

1. I will buy with it a Ding Dong Bubble Gum Factory
2. Aish Karun Ga or Kya!!
3. I will give it all to my dear students :0
4. I will open a School and a university
5. Why should I tell you?
6. I'll give it all in charity and wont keep even a penny!

Q16. Who proved a good friend amongst faculty members at TEC?

1. Sir Mathew
2. Madam Saher
3. Miss Fatimah Bano
4. Miss Rana
5. Name if any

Q17. If you are given a chance to define Sir Mathew in one word, which word would you choose?

1. Choose any word you like
2. Well I just went to Church Last Sunday So I would prefer saying nothing.

Q18. When are you getting married?
[......hehe...Plz answer..]

1. Open choice

Thank you alot for your patience Sir.

Yours Obediently,
Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai.

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Brendon Emmanuel said...

Hello Babies! At last I've been able to access this site. As for my answers, I'm going to play it safe!! haha I love all of you, so how can I choose JUST ONE?(unless I was looking for a bride):) haha... Don't quote me on that!

Q 1- Option 9!:) (haha I bet you'd really want to know why)
Q 2- hmm 2..maybe 3 maybe 1 maybe 4 maybe 5 maybe 6 maybe 7..definitely not 8 ;)
Q 3- Well I'll end up paying for that person, so I might as well take all of you! haha
Q 4- Oh come on!!
Q 5- I'll have to say Mustafa. I want to be sure the psychiatrist is good! ;) haha ..for the actual person
Q 6- Option 5- A certain person we all know.
Q 7- Shaheer
Q 8- Option 9. Because you either like me or you don't, but you can't forget me! hahaha
Q 9- FAIZA SHAIKH (unexpected right?) haha:)
Q 10 - All of you when you didnt do your homework!(and those grades called As that I just didn't see) hhahaha:)
Q 11- Option 1- Shaheer
Q 12- Option 3 (somewhat) This looks like Mohsin's creativity.
Q 13- Option 7
Q 14- Option 1 - Little Chicken
Q 15- Option 3 (in your dreams)
Q 16- Option 3 and Option 5-Sir Ehsan, Sir Mehboob, Sir Rasheed
Q 17- Unique
Q 18- When someone is ready to marry me! hahaha ;)
Enjoy these answers!
And keep in touch..

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 23, 2008 at 10:45 AM said...

Sir Answer to Q7. really didn't went through my throat........Never mind but I expected that you would say all of us.

Sudu, Mariam, Paji, Maria and all others sad day for us :(

Sir Brendon said...

Oh stop being sad!:) It's just for fun...and you never gave me more options;)

shaheer said...

han beta when its your name on the board you enjoy!!!!! PLZ LEARN TO FACE THE REALITY bro ji!!!!!!!!
You should be angry on the 9 th answer in which he has bypassed whole of our class dude!!!
I protest to sir for bulldosing us on our own website@@@.....SO SAD!!!
Sir dint find anyone from our class to speak high of!!!! Oh my God wat a waste!!!!
It seems sir dint like us or remember us and only....

Maria said...

agreed with shaheer..the ans of ques 9 is reallyyy disappointing....sir must choose sum1 frm our fact all names shud b there...hehehe
nd Mustafa ur right it is sad for us but as sir said u dint give him many i think its ok
atleast he's been honest

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 24, 2008 at 10:52 AM said...

Yeh Maria you are right. Shaheer Lucky boy!! my brother. U guys are right, answer to Q9 is really depressing. It means that Sir likes just A's, he wont appreciate B's or C's. Though for us getting even a B in English was like sheding our blood, sweat and tears. I am using the word " Disappointing " here again and again bcoz now one secret has been disclosed and that is that for Sir Brendon grade is more important than the love he gets from his students.

But for us Love and respect would always come first.

I am happy that the Question List really went successful for it meant to disclose some secrets and thks to God Sir Brendon's Heart spoke out the reality.

Guys be ready to face Miss Fatimah's answers Soon!

Sir Brendon said...

sighh you babies have no sense of humour. After all we've been through do you really think your grades would disappoint me NOW? tsk tsk tsk (my trademark expression in words).

Maria said...

no mustafa i dnt agree wid u...i dnt think its sth related to our grades....
but sir!still v dnt get wasnt a gud joke,was it?

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on July 25, 2008 at 10:43 AM said...

Maria If this is not the case than why would he choose Faiza. The answer is simple she got an A in english and we didn't.

Sir Brendon.....I am instigating people against you...heheh Plz don't mind. It feels good when we react differently here. :)
Remember I am just trying to make you start thinking informally and more frankly, bcoz you always look reserved.

Sir Brendon said...

hmmmm if these comments get serious, then I'll have to get serious!:) You babies are so sensitive:) Give me the correct options and Ill give u the answers u want. I won't take one name from 14 special babies, to talk highly of. And I knew how Faiza's name would make u react, that's why I put it. I still know all of you well;)

Maria said...

Mustafa i think u mite have got ur answer after reading sir's wasnt the case of our grades...& im really surprised ur saying this who got 6 As...nd the B in eng was also at high %age...u got 86%,dint u?so come on
& sir!thats really bad..u did this deliberately???u know u hurt our feelings...nyway u want correct options then add ny name u want....or write all the names..u know all of us r just too.....hehehe
& yes ur right we ARE SENSITIVE when it comes to our teachers's thoughts abt us
by the way i agree with Mustafa's last two lines ;P

Amna Shah said...

I think Sir Brendon didn't like question 9 because my name wasn't there in the options so he just got annoyed and said Faiza...Mustafa it's your fault, you didn't add my name there and now you all are accusing Sir Brendon! That's not fair...tsk tsk tsk ;)

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